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  1. agyness

    Halloween Parade

    I don't think that i'm that perfect or that smart. I was making a point to all the bad spellers on this board who have an issue with the language skills of immigrants while their own English skills leave much to be desired.
  2. You're absolutely right with that quote from Hereclitus. I didn't focus on the details of that review but rather the theme as it related to the topic at hand. You make a good point.
  3. I did not call you names. The review is not from the NYT - it is just a post on Amazon.com You made a statement and I followed up on that statement. The point under discussion was universities and indoctrination. Universities, at least the two that I have been exposed to, always showed both sides and I never felt that anyone was 'trying' to make me or anyone else think one way or the other. That is why I questioned your comment about all universities indoctrinating their students to 'their line of thinking'. Wasn't sure how you came to that conclusion. And I don't think my position is the ONLY one (especially when I don't have or subscribe to any defined position) my point again was that all universitites should do is teach students to be open- minded, have their own opinions on issues that they learn both sides of, etc.. Isn't that something we all want? Regardless of position?
  4. That's too bad that it didn't take.... You might have learned something. Seriously though, comments like that I have a huge gripe with. Loki, please share with us exactly what you mean by THEIR LINE OF THINKING? Sounds to me like what you're trying to say is... liberal thinking. I hope your source wasn't the book, "Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth". If so, the following review of that book is something I wish I could take credit for writing myself as it nicely sums up how I feel about your comment: "Only in America have universities and colleges, the seats of higher learning, become institutions of derision. Only in America has "liberal" become a derogatory term. "Liberal," the root of words such as "liberty," which formed the basis of what was once America's "liberal democracy," the freedom of people to make up their own minds and rule themselves - now a prejorative term. The "liberal arts" of open-minded, critical investigation of the greatest ideas ever conceived of by man, created to "liberate" the citizen from narrow-minded parochialism and fundamentalism, now a subject of scorn and ridicule by the ignorant, the uneducated, and the uninformed. To the rest of the world, to be called a "liberal" is the greatest of complements; it means one is intelligent, educated, curious, well-read, broad-minded, open to new ideas, democratic, free - characteristics no longer valued in America. Keep your kids out of universities, and never let them be exposed to new ideas or critical thinking, lest they start thinking for themselves. Convince yourselves that the freeing of minds is "brainwashing." Obey your political and religious leaders, from whom your forefathers fought so hard to free themselves. Continue America's slide back to the Dark Ages."
  5. I'm a long time Kearny (and Harrison) resident and a graduate of KHS. I'm depressed and disturbed to know that I live and walk among people who are so obviously unobjective and so overwhelmingly behind a 'teacher' who is scientifically illiterate! As a local, I have wanted to reach out to Matthew and his family since this broke. I wanted them to know that not all Kearny residents think what Matthew did was illegal or motivated by attention seeking. Far from it. What Matthew did was, in fact, brave and courageous. Having recently found this forum and seeing that residents are still having issues with this I thought I would finally speak up. I support what Matthew did and I applaud it. I graduated long before Paskiewicz started teaching at KHS but I would have done EXACTLY the same thing Matthew did. We go to school to be educated, not indoctrinated.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. agyness

    Halloween Parade

    It's really kind of funny to see how many racist people on this forum b**** and moan about the immigrants not speaking English yet.... those same posters can't even spell the most basic of words. As an immigrant myself, I once again find my English to be better than that of the "Americans". I know this can't be blamed on the Harrison education system because I am also a product of that system. I am so embarrassed to live in a town that is so blatantly racist and so terribly illiterate. Usually, those two things go hand in hand.
  8. Please post Hair Salon recommendations in Harrison. I want to stay local but don't know who's worth going to and who really shouldn't be handling scissors. Thanks.
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