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  1. You know what Bern, you speak of love of country, I am not saying that I was upset about the pledge being of choice, I am upset that the children who wanted to say it had to leave the classroom, like they were going to remedial reading or a similar class. I am over 50, my grandson came home the other day and sang "Your A Grand Old Flag" I was was so proud of him, he is in pre-K and he recites the pledge of allegience that he learned in school, as I did when I was in my first year of school. I am proud, American and faithful to my country and flag. If you are not, well then that is your busin
  2. I just read in todays Star Ledger, that a school in Woodbury,VT has taken the Pledge of Allegience out of the classroom, and those students that want to say it must go to the second floor to another room ansd recite it. How dare people demand that the Pledge be taken out of school!!! I am an American, my fore fathers wrote that pledge as a confirmant that we are one nation. My father, brother and son fought and are still fihghting for our freedom. I resent this action and wish that I had the ability to do something about it! Dosen't anyone care anymore about the history that was made with that
  3. Just recieved this message from a reliable source please read Halloween Candy Recall There is a new warning put out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate coins are being recalled due to the fact that they contain Melamine, the ingredient in the milk product that has caused so many infant deaths in China. These candies are sold at Costco, as well as many bulk and dollar stores. Please make sure to check your childrens halloween candy and DO NOT LET THEM EAT THE PIRATE COINS (you know the ones,wrapped in the shiny gold foil) and pleas
  4. I would have no problem identifying myself, I have been in Keary for 49yrs and raised my children here and now their children, but my husband just retired and we are going to be moving to a nice quiet place with plenty of room where your neighbor can't look in your window from theirs, lol ( an exageration). But seriously, everyone has their own opinion, that is one of our freedoms, and just because someone doesn't agree with you is no reason to call them trailer trash. Am I right, that is a very childish way to act. This young lady has concerns for her child, as do we all but the bottom line i
  5. Hey Jen B are you who I think you are? I'll give you a hint of me Camp Lewis, AH
  6. I use to enjoy reading posts and placing posts on KOTW, now all you people, not all but quite a few start calling people names if they don't agree with you. I mean I posted about a subject on children at the sprinklers in the park not being watched properly, someone else made a comment and all of a sudden, someone else calls them white trailer trash! whats with this, look everyone is entittled to their opinion, and because their opinion isn't yours, you start calling names. This is a public forum, yes some people feel like they are being moved in on by the hispanic influx, but that is the way
  7. Look, why call names, the poster didn't, she expressed her feelings like everyone else does on here. I myself, feel out of place sometimes, but my grandchildren are bi-cultural so that doesn't bother me. The one thing that does, is that when you are in mixed company an you can speak English, but don't. That in my opinion is very rude. I made the original post because of my concern for these children, I have five grandchildren and I am not that old, but I have a problem keeping up with them, and they listen because I am the "GRANDMA", but when you have twenty-five children running in age from 3
  8. I am still bothered by this. I have always taught my children the importance of knowing where their children are going, if they were in daycare. Heaven forbid, that something happens, while these two " aides " were playing balloon toss with each other who is going to know except another child. I had thought that daycare aides had to be certified and be of a certain age, these girls were too young to watch all those children. One little boy maybe 3yrs came to my table to ask where his towel was, and if he could have some cookies because he was hungry, I mean, come on, I could get passed the co
  9. I take offense at that! Do you have any idea what that employee does? there are twelve or more playgrounds and or parks that they clean everyday, maintain the fields, clean bathrooms, take gargbage that is left behind by residents and much more, so until you know the facts, then if I were you I wouldn't say anything. By the way ther are only 8 hours in a dayand by no means do they even make half of what the above make. The only overtime they get is parades and block parties, and when it snows. Some of these guys work really hard, and they work for their money, Im not saying all of them but a g
  10. Yesterday, I took my four grandchildren to WH Park, for a picnic and the sprinklers and playground. All was great they were all having such a nice time. About 2pm a group of daycare children showed up maybe 25 children ranging in age from 3- 12yrs, anyway there were only two (2) gaurdians for all these children, and they were more interested in themselves than the children. One girl slipped and fell and cut her knee, they had no first aid equipment with them, not even a band-aid. One of the parents that were there with their children offered baby wipes. The children were unruley, and were just
  11. speedy1

    Time to say good-bye

    That is fine, when they do learn. I have in-laws in my daughters family that have been here over 25yrs and they still do not speak english, there are many people in town like that, they depend on someone to translate to them. But that is not the main reason for my departure, the taxes in town are outrageous, if you have an income of $35,000 and your taxes have now jumped up to $8,000 what are you suppose to do? You own your home for 20 some odd years and then you can't afford to keep it and live a decent lifestyle. Before retirement my dream was to live somewhere that I could just sit back and
  12. speedy1

    Time to say good-bye

    Thank you, I am not nor have ever been a bigot, and I take insult to that remark. You are correct when you talk about your family, mine were the same way, my people were from Sweden and they did not speak english very well, but they made sure that we all did. Again, thank you and to all the positive posters
  13. speedy1

    Time to say good-bye

    First of all, I did not highlite that sentance, second, I am far from a bigot, if anything I am the most liberal individual you would ever meet. This post is about leaving my hometown, not bigotry! yes I made a comment about the sales people on the ave. when I ask for help with something, they don't understand what I want, I did not say it was every store. If anyone put that comment in red it was KOTW not me. And if this isn't posted I will go to the observer. I have many ethnic groups in my immidiate family, who speak broken english, my grandchildren are of two cultures, so don't you tell me
  14. speedy1

    Time to say good-bye

    I agree completely, I will soon be following you out of here after 50yrs of living in Kearny and owning my own home, the taxes and the way the town is heading are enough for me. And please don't reply with that flat leaver bull s--t, I have been an asset to the community, I ran two different business' in town over the last 35yrs so, my worj=k here is done. I use to enjoy going up to the Ave and shop, Ben Franklin, Johns Bargin Store all the old places, now, I can't understand what the counter people are saying to me. My children are staying here with there families because they want to keep th
  15. speedy1

    Recreation Facility

    I would like to know where the 2nd reply I made is, I thought this was a forum, where we get to say whats on our minds, why bother having a forum if you do not print what we write. My response had only suggestions and visual dreams of what that site could be, there were no foul words or any nasty remarks, I would like to know why it wasn't posted. I wrote it on July 6th, can you please respond!
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