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  1. On Thursday, February 18, 2010 the Mayor and Council will hold a special meeting at 12:30pm to introduce an ordinance to create the position of Traffic Control Officer at a maximum pay rate of $25.00 per hour. In the economic turmoil that has befallen Harrison (due to poor fiscal management on behalf of everyone in Town Hall), and 40+ people being laid off, the town will be creating new jobs (presumably for traffic control at the Red Bulls stadium). What happened to the hiring freeze?
  2. They sometimes go to Row B when the Demorats lose the coveted Row A all the way.
  3. The December 1st meeting of the council has been canceled. The Mayor must of have caught wind of the amount of residents that were going to attend and instead of walking out of a meeting while taxpayers are commenting, he just decided it would be easier to cancel the meeting and hold it when it's not possible for them to attend. Communism (oh, wait, I mean democracy) in action in Harrison.
  4. Don't forget that for years before President Kennedy's assassination, that stadium was named Rodgers Stadium.
  5. The Mayor and Council have just sh*t their pants.
  6. 2008 Public Salaries. Name CHOFFO, DANIEL Location HARRISON TOWN BD OF ED (HUDSON) Years of service (today)* 0.92 year(s) Veteran? Salary at location** $6,250 Total salary, all locations** $6,250 Number of public jobs 1 Fund name Public Employees Retirement System http://php.app.com/NJpublicemployees/detai...?recordID=83080
  7. He already works for the Board of Education. His man got him in on the sly.
  8. Then when you see an ad from the Spanish Pavillion, ignore it. I personally happen to enjoy their food and don't mind them using this FREE forum to drum up a little business.
  9. Have no fear, the Mayor and Council will pass a Bond Ordinance for $15 million dollars to purchase 2 new trees. All is well in Harrison.
  10. MrHarrison


    Check this out: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/spelt I rest my case.
  11. MrHarrison


    When you learn how to spell the word, we'll consider a dress code. You used the word 4 times, and spelt it 2 different ways.
  12. MrHarrison

    Joe Wood

    If he is legally a member of every board, why does he choose to appoint himself on paper to the Redevelopment Agency and Planning board?
  13. It's now against the law to be an elected official and be the Super of the same municipality's school district. OJ was grandfathered in.
  14. I'm voting for him. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. He is what this state needs, as long as he continues what he started while he was US Attorney. Ray and cronnies, watch out!!
  15. Jimmy is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  16. MrHarrison

    Smart Car

    They're too busy donating to McDonough's campaign.
  17. According to the Hudson County Clerk's website, we have new council members: Mayor: Raymond McDonough Council Members: Laurence M. Bennett Michael T. Dolaghan Joseph L. Wood Maria J. Camano Caroline Mandaglio Maria McCormick Francisco Nascimento Victor Villalta Mix up, or the real winners?
  18. Talking about the Red Bulls coming to Harrison: "This is a long time coming. This is going to generate jobs, not all full-time jobs, but it's going to create part-time jobs for people to make additional money," McDonough said. "People can't wait. You better get your season tickets early, because they're not going to be available. They're going to sell out immediately." Whatever he's on, I'll take a double dose.
  19. It is a violation of someone's 1st ammendment right to tell them they can not display a flag. The ACLU would be all over this in a heartbeat.
  20. MrHarrison


    There was a dead body found in the hotel last week. This is totally seperate from the incident on Sussex St.
  21. Zoning Board Joaquin Camano Ronald Catrambone Eugene J. Gilmore Michael Hinchcliffe Gabriela V. Simoes Brian Toal Jorge Torres Lily Wang I guess he was told to drop out of the last Council race and he'd get repaid.
  22. http://www.nj.com/hudsoncountynow/index.ss...re_was_mur.html My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.
  23. He has proven he is incompetent. He does not know how to run this town, and it's time to get him out of office. We CAN'T wait until we vote again in November, 2009 - it will be too late. http://www.njelections.org/election-recall...ions-060508.pdf
  24. they're all COWARDS.
  25. No, I've always lived in town.
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