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  1. Not pnly is your assumption bigoted, it is also wrong. The most educated and affluent seem to tend towards Democrat, as well as the very poor. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A...anguage=printer
  2. So you don't see a difference between "in an emergency, go ahead and start surveillance without a warrant-just make sure to get a warrant within 72 hours" and the true warrantless surveillance the administration wants? Okay, now I understand.
  3. If you had read what I posted, they can start surveillance without a warrant as long as they apply for a warrant within 72 hours. Now I know you can read, so obviously you're being purposely dishonest.
  4. Considering 2Dim's entire posting history could be summarized as "react and flail wildly at anyone within arms reach," what do you think?
  5. Oops-wife cleared the cookies. These were me.
  6. Blah, blah, blah. Please note the italicized part. The attorney general can go ahead with the surveillance and apply later. The neocons want people to think that the debate is the Democrats not wanting to give the administration the power to perform immediate surveillance. But they already have this power. What they want is to be able to wiretap without any oversight even from an ex parte judgement.
  7. The problem with your assertion is that we all know it isn't true. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/usc...05----000-.html
  8. Yes, the Establishment Clause should prohibit it. An anti-religion position is a religious opinion just as much as a religious position is. Secularism is not atheism and should not promote it.
  9. I really didn't expect this thread to turn into this when I started it, but unfortunately I'm not particularly surprised.
  10. Actually, the law already allowed immediate wiretapping with approval afterwards. That is apparently too much transparency for this administration though-even though the court that approves the wiretapping after the fact is secret.
  11. Autonomous

    Merry Christmas

    Wow-even your own sacred holiday isn't sacred to you.
  12. You know, if I were God I'd be pissed that people like you make Me seem like such a jerk. Do you really think that your comment does anything but drive people further away from your view? When I'm in trouble I don't "say God help me." I stop, reflect on why I'm in trouble, and get myself out of it. It is called taking responsibility for my actions. You should try it sometime.
  13. You do realize that Fred Phelps' group is a far-RIGHT Christian organization, right? Anti-gay? Ring a bell?
  14. The fact that you didn't mind the Republican pork makes you a hypocrite. Now personally I don't like pork spending no matter who is doing it, which is why I like the current situation-neither party can get their pork through. The congress has a low rating among Democratic voters not because of that, but because the Democrats are seen as caving in to whatever Bush wants. The Democrats want someone to stand up to him (I wouldn't mind that either) and so far their elected officials have failed to do so.
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