At the Keegan Landfill last Thursday afternoon there were, in just one hour, 21 reads of hydrogen sulfide that exceeded 30 parts per billion. The reads were taken at the perimeter of the landfill, which is owned by the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority. At that level, in addition to the noxious rotten egg odor, there can be health impacts to the eyes, nose and throat, and difficulty breathing for persons with respiratory problems. These reads are crazy bad! I asked Hudson Regional (who are agents of the State DEP) to release the report, but they won’t do it and won’t even acknowledge the hydrogen sulfide was caused by the Sports Authority’s landfill. No one can stop me from talking about it, however. Earlier today, I filmed this video at the entrance to the Keegan Landfill that explains why the State of NJ and its Sports Authority has done wrong, and continues to do wrong, to its citizens. Until it’s fixed, if you smell the odor, call it in to both DEP (877 927 6337) and Hudson Regional (201 817 9844). #TimeforNJtoWalktheTalk #WeWontStopUntilTheyStop #StateCommittedAnEgregiousBaitandSwitch

Posted by Alberto Santos on Friday, February 15, 2019