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  2. It’s disgrateful how the town is handling this chief placement. The true colors have been revealed. Elected officials why play dirty, the truth always surfaces and your corrupt method of politics doesn’t work anymore. Times have changed . You can try to strong arm your way. Eventually truth prevails. You resort to lies and juvenile games.
  3. So todays shameful rumor. Dr Doran has been going around telling people that they are investigating Lt Strumolo for having relatives in Chief positions in other towns and they provided him the answers. How low will you stoop. For one the test is given by the Civil Service Commision and no local pd would have access to it. It is the most ridiculous thing I have heard and you people who believe it are fools. Maybe maybe Jimbo the boy you are staking your political career on is just not that smart. Lt Strumolo has taken five promotional exams throughout his career in Harrison. He is scored in the top two everything single time. #3 “your guy” same tests top three only twice. See the difference in a chief test is they actually give you real life scenarios. Where you actually have to do the job. “Your boy” hasn’t done the job. He’s been on days ever since he helped ** get to ***** and been taken care of ever since. He’s been ***** behind the scenes ********** He ***** a *** **** but When is the last time he actually stopped a car with suspects in it. Actually done police work. Oh and Jimbo about unfair advantages let’s talk about “your boy”. You met with ***** **** and #3 privately prior to test, why is that important well he is an instructor for ** ******** ***** (as per their website) they create these type of tests. Also during the testing process one of the monitors was from *** ******* *****. Why is that important well the Town pays this group to assist it with accreditation. Who’s managing the accreditation in Harrison PD oh that’s right **. Even with all those advantages he still got smoked in the test. There is also the little caveat that 3 other LT’s that didn’t take test. 2 that couldn’t and one that decided because of you to not take it. It’s too bad. “Your boy” would have been 6th or 7th on list then. Jimbo your are making that lawsuit so easy. It’s too bad Lt Strumolo really justs wants to be Chief and make the place better. But you keep pushing your agenda.
  4. Gardens

    Go back to sleep.
  5. Drunks

    What’s with the influx amount of drunks on central ave lately. You spot them around bar closings. This weekend there were three just flung on the benches. Cops just don’t care . I would call them help but the last time I did they sent the ambulance.
  6. Gardens

    The biggest Monopoly the town has are the gardens. Half of the residents are related to mayor and council present /past members. You have people making over 50k living there. The state doesn’t check . That community is built by mayor and council to use in times of elections. Employees hired as favors to a council member .
  7. Parking permits

    I’ve notice the parking program in town is so flawed. How is it that out of town workers do not have to pay for a permit to park. Why are they exempt . Who oversees the program why aren’t the department heads making sure their employees are held accountable. Practice what you preach.
  8. Close the park

    Any chance the Town can use those specials and or security people that have just blossomed into a department to handle the park. They can secure the perimeters . Justify their jobs.
  9. I heard the candidates were at the meeting and spoke . They seemed to rally the people at the meeting. I’m not missing the next meeting. Unless the town mimics drake in giving away 50k to people .
  10. Your right serve and protect. Protecting from corruption that’s what they are trying to do. It’s just ironic it happens to be from towns management group you mention. Don’t talk shit if your gonna eat it.
  11. Condon's

    Brace yourself honey six shoe boxes are arriving soon. Plus an island load of illegals and their illegal rooming to take place. This town has turned into a refugee tent village. I pity the people who will live there, bad omen first those that died during west Hudson hospital then the funeral home. Pretty Erie
  12. Rule of three

    Why have all the council members taken down their support banners for the Harrison police and fire Dept . Suddenly they are ashamed.
  13. Condon's

    What happened to Condon's funeral home? The building, stairway, everything gone. More residential coming?
  14. The PBA are employees of the police dept. of the town of Harrison. Employees have no say in the management of the police dept. That is a function of management ( Mayor and Council ), along with the police chief. Employees should do the job they were hired for, protecting the town from crime.
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  16. Classic corrupt move , too bad the PBA have a few tricks of their own. That was just a preview.
  17. Harrison to face HUGE lawsuit

    I hear the post office has been busy delivering love notes from the pba. Time is ticking!
  18. Aren’t they all for re-election ? A yuppie from the south fed up with redbulls drama and lack of services, why yes a new mayor backed by the pba . That would be justice served!
  19. You can’t blame #3 for wanting the chiefs job. Hell in his mind he probably actually thinks he deserves it. He is the smartest person in the room at all times. I don’t know how he gets in same room with Dr Doran, they both can’t be the smartest person in the room. It must be tough with all that ego and bravado. Besides #3 loves the town he loves the people. He has said so many nice things about the town and their politicians he is a man of great character. He is so friendly to all Harrisonians. He’s volunteered so much of his time and given back so much to the community. There was the time ..................oh wait none of that has ever happened. The fools in the council are looking to promote #3 they have no idea how much he loathes this town and the people from it. Ray McDonough must be rolling in his grave thinking that #3 is even a candidate. But that’s their man. Can’t wait until the facade ends and the real #3 comes out. Come on #3 tell them how you really feel about them. They are in for a rude awakening. Dr Doran your process is a bunch of bull. Will all come out in the depositions, Shame to have to drag chiefs and politicians and good police officers through that. Do you really believe when faced with perjury they will lie for you Dr Doran. #3 himself took care of the premeditation and collusion by his conversations with the other candidates and unlike him they won’t be bought. I believe the police officer said it best doing the right thing costs you nothing but who am I just a taxpayer why should you listen to me. Why start now.
  20. Hey Jim please tread lightly with the PBA, I mean if you want to keep your elected position. Make the number one guy or the PBA will have a couple of people run against you guys and as you can see the residents look to be on their side. Don’t forget it’s an election year. Good luck lol. All it takes is one resident from down south to run against any of you. The PBA will back that candidate and make sure he gets everyone’s vote in the south. The residents had enough of your corruption.
  21. Harrison to face HUGE lawsuit

    Well damn you forgot to mention the hideaway that is the board of education. Whenever the rainbow doctor wants to hide or hirer his misfits that’s the closet of choice. Look how many retired employees are still working for the Town . They collect a pension and a bonuse check and do shit. It’s spot on when you say only when they croak does it stop. But then another position is made up and another misfit comes in. Every Dept has a shelf full. They created a professional greeter and I thought now that’s funny but then they out did it with the ****** who’s ***** to be an officer and carry a gun to lets place him with kids in the school. Who looked into his personnel file, he had charges of misconduct on high school students . Misconduct of Inappropriate behavior, and list goes on . I’m surprised the brat shit crazy female hasn’t returned as something.
  22. Did you not get it! Those residents clearly told you No offense your full of shit! I can’t believe you sat there with your sue happy secretary . The residents ***** like you , your peers , outside agencies. Your ego is that big. How do you sleep at night? You have no conscious . Your number ****** on the list, how does that make you worthy. The position demands Integrity an oath of loyalty oath of devotion an oath of truthfulness... you have **** of that.
  23. Harrison PBA Letter Supports Strumolo

    The whole department backing #1? How can that be when before, during and after the test multiple Officers crawled on their hands & knees begging JD and the Mayor to commit to #3 regardless of any test result? Half the town knows who they are because they were positive the fix was in and opened their big mouths. This comes as no surprise. The same core group worshiped #3 like a cult leader for years. IF?? #1 gets made I'm sure he knows the ugly truth of deceit & treachery behind his back. The troublemakers could apply to another jurisdiction as a group. The town already has a part-time Public Safety Director calling the shots for the Police and Fire Departments without the title. Tack on one more salary and pension for you know who! Problem solved!
  24. Harrison PBA Letter Supports Strumolo

    I really hope and pray you are not a police officer! Because for anyone to condone what that woman went through is disgusting but for an officer to make fun of well that shows your character. I believe that comment was completely uncalled for and actually makes me now think that politics are not playing a part because as you just reminded us of an unfortunate situation. I highly doubt the council would Play into that. And I read that the current pd Chief had recommended #3. And I also read it is legal for the mayor and council to pick from the top three. Nothing illegal going on there. Yes they get scored but does every super smart person make a great doctor? No it has ALOT to do with personality compassion and truly the right fit. And it sounds to me that’s exactly what the mayor and council are saying they want to make sure it is the right fit. And well after reading these ridiculous posts I hope people would be professional and let the elected town officials do their job.
  25. Rule of three

    Dr doran and Town council people open your eyes. Those men that spoke so Elegantly respectful and soulfully are the same ones that place their lives daily in the face of danger. Their message was clear and precise. They weren’t forcing anything , simply stating the facts. Don’t you all feel foolish? It’s clear your choice dr doran is not fit to do anything but what he has been doing his whole career sucking the life and money out of this town. Shame on you all.
  26. Harrison PBA Letter Supports Strumolo

    good question why does he stay in the race, somehow he has no conscious . He enjoys second hand things. Look his mansion is from Harrison taxpayer money. That was some pay out your lady got. No wonder those lavish vacation trips , sad thing is , nothing lasts forever........make sure you highlight that for Jim in your personal file.
  27. well the trolls lied their ass off. Never changes despite the decent turn out. Shocker no arrests made. Well with the acting 3 and his 400k roommate/clerk. As they sat watching and nodding their heads to the whack doctors bull crap . He pointed out that positions are given for good conduct and file notes. Really , in fairness Doctor doran , your selection has several Skelton’s in his closet including ***.******* His ******* has a history too with several officers. Don’t take it to that level, your selection has enough issues . What I don’t understand is how much of a ahole are you to know your own peers hate you , don’t want you as their leader , you came out third , you bombed your test, you have a recycled ******** who sued the town to buy **** glass ******* in *********. Your a republican who always talked and treat residents like crap. Dare I say are a closet racist and still you don’t take the cue and retire, seriously , your that last kid waiting to get picked on a team. Your pathetic ,safe to say you lacked some sort of ********* ******** up. You went from an *** **** to *** ******* .
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