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  3. Harrison's late Mayor McDonough endorsed Christie. Christie's dad commuted through Harrison. Christie cust funds to Abbott schools and nobody will be able to afford the property taxes. Doran's salary will have to be cut in half N.J. education groups to Christie: Your new school funding plan would cause chaos
  4. Pope suggests it's better to be an atheist than a bad Christian
  5. After the Fake News Star Ledger goes out of business, maybe you can hire Tom Moran, he'll need a job.
  6. On deportation plan Trump is going to affect our neighborhoods. Who is going to wash my car? Who is going to do my clean outs? Who is going to cut my lawn and shovel my snow?
  7. Bill Brennan is another Corzine. Why don't real politicans with experience like Fulop run. What does Bill Brennan know about anything? Why do these rich guys want to run they know nothing about being a low or middle class New Jersey resident. Everyone is afraid of his money. His money buys nothing but "Yes men"
  8. What it is going to do is ruin our local economy as the immigrants will stop going out for fear of getting rounded up and deported. No too smart deporting over 1 million people how much is that going to cost. Why doesn't President Trump and the Republicans pass immigration reform.
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  10. I wish that I could be as powerful and rich as Governor Christie for just one day. Add to that a high profile & high paying position in Washington from D.C. under President Trump and it's mind blowing! He had the pleasure of dominating the PVSC LOSERS by kicking their asses out the door without looking back. The still unemployed zeroes/nothing's/losers asses are still sore from Christie's maximum penetration. He will NEVER see as much as a reprimand from any legal authority for anything done during his reign and is smiling all the way to the bank. God Bless You Governor Christie!!!
  11. March 10th will be a defining moment for the people of New Jersey in a courtroom in Hackensack that will hear the criminal complaint against this LIAR of an A$$HOLE CHRISTIE and he will have to appear before a Judge (thank god it ain't you WAYNE FOREST) Time is on the side of the people this time as Mr Brennan has brought this LIAR to the attention of the Justice System and things are looking bad for this guy and all his CRONIES who will have a tough time finding employment when either his time is up as Governor or they throw him out on his ear. The sad thing here WAYNE FOREST took his orders from CHRISTIE and that hopefully will lead to the next CRIMINAL COMPLIANT once a new Governor takes office and because you were misguided by this A$$HOLE and because you were licking your chops knowing that your reckless actions against innocent employees at PVSC would result in your Judgeship, you didn't see the forest from the trees and your personal ambitions at the expense of the 200 ex-employees at PVSC and the unethical behavior that you displayed will in the end be your undoing as a result of listening to an ego driven, bully of a Governor and you bought into the program for your own selfish gain. SAVOR THE MOMENT SIR BECAUSE JUSTICE WILL BE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will hopefully be the next to be summoned to a courtroom. PVSC EX-EMPLOYEES lets hope you all could attend that hearing when and if that happens. GOD BLESS all of you that were victimized by this man who was misguided by this A$$HOLE CHRISTIE.
  12. Your strange.
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  14. The TRUTH HURTS Big WAYNE!!!!!!!
  15. Thank God they make more than Super Blood ! She is not worth a shiny new penny. At least these 2 people know something about educating students and one of them is smart enough not to allow his children to attend the failing, political hack of a school district.
  16. The Wheel is starting to spin again Karma! Karma! Karma! good luck Bill.
  17. Hackensack Municipal Court Judge. The only one with integrity.
  18. Anyone remember The Cub Scouts that were held in the basement of The Little Church on 4th and Cleveland Ave.? Many Harrison children benefited from the experience of being in the Scouting Program. I think the guy that ran it was named Ernest Borgnine? He did a great job with the youth of Harrison! The Pine Box Derby was always the highlight of the year. Does this program still exist? Please advise me if and where it is held. Thank You!
  19. There has been a series of armed robberies in Harrison. Residents are being accosted on the streets at gunpoint and physically assaulted. What is being done to prevent these crimes? Its getting so bad that residents are afraid to go out at night. This never happened before.
  20. God Bless you and our family. Hope you are in a better place now.
  21. All humans have clay feet the only one who can!t be broken is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. There haven't been any signs of life surrounding the HFD. Are they still on the payroll? Harrison's bravest (LoL! Always funny) haven't been spotted at the usual places like the credit union, grocery shopping out of town or even at the Mayor's office kissing the brown eye 😚. The fire hydrants all over town are frozen solid yet the smoke eaters can't find the time to clear the ice to ensure the hydrants are operational. It's a where's Waldo situation. Has anyone spotted a Firefighter lately?
  23. If you are not here legally then get out! I hope all illegal aliens get deported ASAP! The Trump backed Patriots are sick of paying for your free ride! See ya!!
  24. Jenny Santos, 29, fell from escalator at Path Station at World Trade Center
  25. Tapper then asked the governor for what his message was to the more than 400,000 "undocumented immigrants in New Jersey, your home state, who are not drug dealers, who are not gang members, who have not committed any sort of violent crimes, who have children who are American and are now in fear?" The governor struck a decidedly different tone than he had in the past. He blamed both the Bush and Obama administrations for their past inaction on immigration reform, and offered little in the way of sympathy to those swept up in the ICE raids. "This is the problem with the whole failure of the federal government over the course of the last 12 to 16 years," Christie said. "When that's the case, then the laws that are in effect right now have to be enforced." Non-violent but nonetheless unauthorized immigrants might deported as well, Christie indicated. "I can tell you, Jake, from having run a government for seven years and been involved for many years as a U.S. attorney, things always don't go perfectly ... and so you're going to have some people who, by the way, have violated the law, but don't fit that one category."
  26. Jenny Santos, 29, of Kearny fell from an escalator at the World Trade Center Path Station in New York this morning. What a tragic accident, my condolences to family and friends. Here is the link to the story,
  27. Christie thinks Urban Enterprise Zones are a waste? Kearny you are next.
  28. No grudge here just the truth and in the end justice will be served hopefully and the next Governor will see what took place at PVSC. Wayne Forest has already destroyed the lives of 200 employees and you don't need a grudge to see that's already been done. Only time will tell and we believe time now is on the side of the Justice System. Wouldn't you agree Judge Forest????
  29. he who nurses a grudge, nurses the very thing that will destroy him
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