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  2. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    Since Barney can't make it as Kearny's Bravest, maybe he can be KFD's mascot. If he stops in the firehouse and tells the FF's how much he wishes he could be one of them, they'll let him ring the bell or siren.
  3. This arrangement doesn't surprise me at all in that they will go to great length's to preserve their family and friends network as they disguise their intentions and in showing their loyalty one of these candidates in their own group is going to get screwed and that just goes to show you that they will screw their own people to maintain their hold on power and in the end Charter Schools will grow and Public Education will erode, services will be reduced and taxes will continue to increase, More Teacher's and Staff will be laid off and all the result of a board that lack the insight to see what these Charter School's have done to the fiber of Public Education and it's impact it will forever have in Kearny. So think twice before voting for any of these four candidates as this is a no better time to DRAIN THE SWAMP and start fresh with people who understand the issues and will manage our School Taxes in ways that will Maximize the most for our Students for the money we spend in the Classroom and not Stupid non-educational projects like Lights at Franklin School that Viscuso Championed while they were laying off 14 teacher's and it showed no regard what the impact would have on these lay offs as a result of budgeting money for these lights. Think long and hard before voting for these candidates!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Last week
  5. Moving the party to the beach what the hell use taxpayer money to enrich yourself and still hold out hope they will give you the Radio Gig NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! $HIT HEAD is a legend in his own mind and the BALLS of this guy to try to buy a Radio Slot in having the other two A$$HOLES BOOMER & CARTON at the beach house is another example of what a SELFISH SELF SERVING LOSER this guy is and one only hopes that our new Governor Mr Murphy looks into the actions of this A$$HOLE of a GOVERNOR and that he pays the price for his reckless assault on the people of New Jersey. Bad times ahead for this guy as Murphy will expose this guy for what he did to people.
  6. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    This web site is a giant load of shit for people who are jealous and couldn't hack it.... Yes you p****y boy guest guest... Aka Tony aka Barney
  7. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    Get a life you Looney
  8. Harrison has the highest property taxes in Hudson County at an average of $10,905/year. The taxes are 19.2% of the median household income of $56,713. The majority of the money is spent on the salaries of school Administrators, secretaries, Police and Fire Departments, town department heads and other patronage and nepotism jobs. Taxes will be in excess of $11,000 next year at 21% of the residents yearly income. The Harrison Town government is wasteful and incompetent. ****, ***** and company need to go!
  9. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    Dear mommy: It's nice to see you and Daddy still coddling your little Firefighter baby. There are 40 recently hired Firefighters who will be making $100,000.00 in 5 years. 80 Teachers could have been hired for the same money but are having their jobs terminated instead as the children of the residents get screwed. The Firefighters are part-time employees who do not live in Kearny. They contribute nothing to community and only show up 2 days a week to take the residents money. The Firefighters cower behind locked doors at multi-million dollar Frat houses that have $1000 beds, large screen TV's, weight rooms, lounge areas, wifi, gourmet kitchens and other high end amenities. The smoke eating brave superhuman heroes (LOL!) spend their 2 days a week eating, shitting, watching TV and running personal errands. Statistics prove that volunteer Firefighters are superior in every way. Hiring requierments for paid Firefighters are a G.E.D., a heartbeat and a mommy or Daddy willing to blow whoever is necessary to get their underachieving idiot child onto the payroll. Disgusting!
  10. The selected group of McDonald and Sherry-Cifelli have another master plan in the works. Word on the street is they will split the ticket this election to bring back Samatha Paris. That's right. Zibby Viscuso and Samatha Paris are running together. Leaving Davidson and Hill on their own. Time to change the make up of this board. This election vote for change. Send a message to this crew. Your day is coming.
  11. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    I guess one out of three is hall of fame stats in the MLB. Do people actually take this board seriously?
  12. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    doc13mets is actually a Kearny FF and former East Newark FF who sued the town for a BS reason. He has already caused problems at Kearny FD because he didnt want to go to the fire academy again when its required. What a loser.
  13. Phil Murphy

    Your election was never bought and they never threw you out as freeholder Good luck Gov Murphy get rid of all these bums .
  14. Phil Murphy

    Sorry it took so long to tell you congratulations I know you will be the best Governor N.J. has ever had good luck and if you can please look into what they did at P.V.S.C. a lot of good people where hurt bad for no reason at all.God Bless You and please wright the wrong thanks and have a great day The Worker!
  15. This book does tell a lot about Mr C but the money he makes should go to the workers of N.J. not beach boy.
  16. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    Yes, for 3 days a week for 50k....that's way too much!
  17. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    If Barney wasn't able to post his angry comments about not being able to become one of Kearny's bravest, he might do something stupid like harming himself. No one wants Barney to harm himself so it's probably better that he just keeps doing his thing.
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  19. http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/07/hellofresh_truck_hits_nj_transit_overpass_overturn.html#incart_river_home Pictures of Hello Fresh truck hitting NJ Transit overpass in Harison. Thank god nobody was walking by. Why isn't a requirement that NJ Transit but up the Yellow balloon type plastic tubes so truckers know not to proceed?
  20. http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/07/hellofresh_truck_hits_nj_transit_overpass_overturn.html#incart_river_home You would think NJ Transit would put under the 280 overpass those yellow balloon tubes like they have in parking garages that trucks would hit before hitting their overpass BUT it's NJ Transit they prefer someone hit their railroad overpass and potentially damage it cutting off rail service to NY. What a waste of an agency.
  21. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    About 40+ firefighters have been hired over the past 2-3 years to replace the guys who retired who were making higher salaries. These new firefighters start at 33K a year... it will take about 5 years to even get close to 50K... keep typing keyboard commando
  22. http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/07/harrison_celebrates_independence_day_with_food_and.html Serene Dreams located at 537 Kearny Avenue. Sounds like a great therapy. https://serenedreams.com/
  23. Independence Day Harrison

    Nice work by Councilman Millan and Mayor Fife in organizing the Independence Day Celebration at Library Park. http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/07/harrison_celebrates_independence_day_with_food_and.html
  24. Watch out for this guy: http://www.nj.com/jjournal-news/index.ssf/2017/07/harrison_man_pretended_to_be_o.html Live in Harrison according to the news story.
  25. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    Kearny needs a "Mayor" who cares for the future of Kearny. All jobs are essential (police/teachers/fire dept) but we need to focus on Kearny education system. I never seen a cop walk down my block or even ride a bike & talk with residents. There needs to be better communication between cops and residents. In the long run, with a better education system leads to lower crimes.
  26. Hire Firefighters & Lay Off Teachers?

    I'm sure Barney dreams at night about being one of Kearny's bravest. Tears on my pillow .........
  27. CIFELLI-SHERRY and MaCDONALD need to RESIGN as poor decisions have resulted in the future dismantlement of the Kearny School District. Charter Schools are accepting applications for the start of September 2017. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Wayne Forrest PVSC Great Man!

    Time is ticking for you Wayne and the investigation will be starting into you and your Boss Hog Governor and what you did at PVSC to 200 innocent employees in your Hurtful and Spineless assault on Little People for no other reason but ego and power. But the abuse of power in the way these heartless acts against this Agency were legal remains and open question and these actions haven't been raised and with a new Governor coming on board in January these questions will start to be answered and with a clean slate of Commissioners and a new Director in place its safe to say these questions will be addressed and you and Boss Hog will answer for your misdeeds and as David Weinstein said in court " I drank the Kool Aid and I'm paying the price for it and am truly sorry for my actions" So in closing its safe to say that time will heal all wounds and this open wound that former employees faced these past years will lend hope to a healing process that will result in you losing your Judgeship and maybe even Jail Time and former employees returning to their jobs that they were unjustly removed from for no reason so Wayne have a lousy summer and maybe next summer you won't know what sand looks like behind bars not unless you cooperate and turn against Boss Hog to save you it worked for Weinstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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