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  2. You need to get rid of the rabbit ears and get cable.
  3. What was the response time to the scene by the Kearny Fire Department? It's a reasonable request. Stop deflection from the question at hand by being the official Kearny Fire Department apologist. Maybe the smoker eaters were sleeping or running personal errands which delayed the response time? When seconds count the Fire Department is only minutes away.
  4. I look forward to reading comments from Maxine Waters and Chuck Shumer about President Trump's historic speech today in front of leaders from many Muslim nations. I'm sure they'll find something wrong.
  5. The time is getting closer and change is coming at PVSC and the investigations will be starting into what Wayne Forest and the most unpopular Governor A$$HOLE in the country did to this Agency and it will take years in getting this place back to where it should be with a full accounting of the mismanagement under the direction of FOREST and Trenton. A new beginning will bring hope and fairness as opposed to the aggressive and inhumane way people were treated by this selfish self serving midget of a political hack that did what CHRISTIE wanted in exchange for a JUDGESHIP. Sometimes you see the forest from the trees and greed sometimes clouds your judgment and that in the end could likely in the end land you in jail. LETS HOPE THAT'S THE CASE FOR YOU WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm dying here. what say you "2 smart" about the snowflake in chief bowing and curtsying to the Muslim terrorist. How stupid must you feel ? Haha karma bit your dumb azz
  7. Cops & firefighters are a burden to tax payers. I don't blame them they are milking the system! It's the mayor & company who will need to complain too! This town is a joke!
  8. illiam and Kingsland and the Corner on Cross and Kings land all the other guards are on there corners but these 2 are never !!!! Seems to me the person that started this topic is disgruntled. As I do recall, you were a part of that at one time yourself there. Now that you are no longer a part of that click, you are the one now complaining about it now?? How about the many times I have passed that area and saw you yourself in the middle of the block conversating. You are a grown woman why don't you start acting like it already and get along with your co-workers instead of fighting with your co-workers.
  9. Barney was born and raised in Kearny but now he's filled with bitterness. Sounds like a loser.
  10. An epidemic is spreading across the Dem party called TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome. Symptoms include Russian paranoia and the belief that President Trump is a secret Russian agent. Maxine Waters and some of the more brilliant dems are calling for Trump's impeachment to head off what the dems believe is a Trump plot to name Putin as the new head of the FBI. I will post new information as it becomes available from my contact in the Kremlin.
  11. 9. Hudson (Kearny) Median cop salary: $121,672 Violent crime rate: 1.7 per 1,000 residents kearny is ranked 9th highest town which it pays it cops!!! Time for a change!!
  12. All The Time its always in the Afternoon Hours Standing there talking never on there corners Really Why Have Them out at that time its Horrible Tax payers Money Going to waste 😠
  13. Please do not try to fashion this tragedy into the pointy end of a stick that you will use to poke the fire department when you have absolutely no clue about what happened that day. As someone who was on the scene, both the police and fire department responded very quickly, acted compassionately towards the family, conducted themselves professionally in their duties, and had the horrible responsibility of investigating the death of someone who was a personal friend of a number of responders. Jon Giordano was very supportive of both the police department and the fire department, so I would advise you to take caution in using his passing for your political agenda. Please be guided accordingly.
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  15. If the mother wants the video, we hope she has a lawyer and filed a Tort Claim Notice against the Port Authority. You have to sue to get the video. The Port Authority doesn't want the truth to come out. It wants to protect it's "Chairman Flight" and it's corrupt board members and Governor Christie and his buddies. They care nothing about anything but themselves.
  16. Everyday These 2 Crossing Guards Are Never On There Corners Always Talking to each other Never pay Attention To people Crossing The Streets HAS TO STOP the corners of William and Kingsland and the Corner on Cross and Kings land all the other guards are on there corners but these 2 are never !!!!
  17. Harrison PD looks like they're stepping up their patrol. I read an article that said they got two guns from two different people on car stops. They should put more positive things like this in the newspaper. Kearny does it all the time. What about Harrison? Who's in charge of this? We need a Harrison Police blotter.
  18. The problem is that a lot of people with driveways don't park in them..To many cars in the family
  19. Time to vote this administration out!
  20. Everyone who lives outside of Kearny knows that the words KEARNY & EDUCATION do not belong in the same sentence. Please make the proper corrections.
  21. It's been reported that lying Hillary is considering another run in '20. If she runs and wins, Chelsea can be named Sec. of State and then she can run in 2024. Does it get any better than that !
  22. What is more pathetic? The Harrison Fire Department or the guy who follows them on Facebook and comments here? Or, maybe it's the guy who comments on this post.
  23. Barney, you should post more often. Your stupidity is amusing.
  24. The school portion of next years tax bill will increase $145 per 95K in assessed value. A home assessed at $400,000 will see a $600 increase just on the school tax portion. The municipal part will be another $400 for a total increase of about $1000. Property taxes = $10,000/year and higher. It's an incredible sum of money for towns with school systems ranked very poorly in the state. The Police Depts. are skeleton crews, the streets and sidewalks are filthy, programs for the senior citizens are pathetic and the non-resident, poorly trained, out of shape lazy Firefighters are a joke. The residents would be better off in a trailer park.
  25. Move.
  26. What about people with driveways get a property tax cut....? Keep in mind people with driveways pay more in property taxes.
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