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  2. The Kearny / Hudson machine has been around for a long time and will never change, and its really most of NJ with the exception of a few towns here and there. The best thing to do is just move out of state and leave the insane taxes behind. It's what my family has done and I will follow shortly.
  3. Barney can't be a Kearny Firefighter and he's jealous if the Mayor. You're not brave enough Barney.
  4. The reality is that Chief Dowie was owed by contract and state law these monies. You can't blame him for getting what he earned. Chief Dowie, a resident of Kearny, was probably one of the best Police Chiefs in Hudson County. His police officers are professionals and even when there was a bad apple or 2, the chief didn't hide them, he did his job and for a long time and deserves to retire with what he earned. The Mayor is an attorney, who works for the County. If the Mayor's job paid a decent salary there would be no need for a county job. You can't have a regular lawyer job and be Mayor of a town. There is simply too much that goes along with doing the Job that saying it's part-time is just stupid. It's a full-time job. The Charter School was the fault of the Board of Education. They should have purchased every school building in the town and avoided the loss of funds. We could have used the space for kids and/or use it creatively for other educational purposes. They have lost more funding than it would have cost to buy the buildings. I'm not against Charter Schools. They are innovative and have lit a fire under a Board of Education that yes was just doing the status quo and feeding the families that have made it their employment agency. What full time working resident can run for the Board of Education that has no connections to the schools so that a totally disinterested person can look at where the money is going. The learning curve, the amount of work that needs to go into it, so we get the professional board members exchanging favors despite an ethics code supposedly there to protect us from this sort of family first activity. Mayor Santos isn't perfect but he's pretty good... he could do more to spur the economy of Kearny, lower the taxes (please) and promote the uptown business district that is suffering. The KUEZ is poor. It has done little to get all the businesses online and market the town. You need to identify where you need places where people can pull over get something and leave without getting a ticket. The Mayor has to properly man the building department to get the houses that have been foreclosed upon "flipped" by investors who now stay away from Kearny because it takes to long to get permits and inspections for the shortage of manpower. Eyesores would be gone if this was addressed head-on. If you can do better run for office. It looks easier than it is. Start with putting your ideas here and going to coucil meetings and asking questions. There is plenty of information on this board going back many years to get a feel for the politics in Kearny and what to expect. Promote this message board/forum on Facebook and get others involved. This is the only place where information is not censored and politically correct doesn't apply for the most part.
  5. I agree with you. We could have had change. But, the people of Kearny don't want change. The last board of education election is proof of that. The same self serving people were elected. Will there be a change in Kearny?
  6. Barney is jealous of the Mayor and Firefighters. Barney could never be the Mayor or a Firefighter.
  7. Well another Election Cycle has come and gone and with no Opposition to Mr Santos and Company things will get worse and this group will continue in preserving a small circle of friends and family whether it be in Town Hall or the Board of Education. The question needs to be asked "CAN WE CONTINUE TO INCREASE PROPERTY TAXES TO THE POINT THAT IT BECOMES A PROBLEM TO PAY" This is a very difficult time for Kearny whether the Mayor wants to admit it and the backdoor agreements that were made with the Police Chief which to prevent BACKLASH was done after the election just shows the arrogant power of a Mayor and Council that has no accountability to the Public and shows no sign of changing in adjusting to the hard times that we face in the years to come with the hiring of more Family Firefighters and more Teachers being Laid Off as a result of Charter Schools invading our town. The sad thing is we the residents of Kearny are to blame in allowing a one sided town government to continue to operate without any CHECKS and BALANCES and as long as we go along with this arrangement the residents of Kearny will continue to be disappointed and frustrated in having no voice and no interest in what's happening to our town and where we started with this Mayor as to where we are now. Remember this closing thought when this Mayor came into office he was a Lawyer with nothing connected to government and now we see him in my opinion as a self serving with a comfortable COUNTY JOB which pays him quite well with a COUNTY VEHICLE with many of the Council following in his footsteps on the COUNTY PAYROLL so ask yourself if these people really put you first when they make their decisions or is it just a small circle of FAMILY and FRIENDS. You be the judge its not hard to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just like the board of education. Jobs are us
  9. Look in the mirror yo! yo! if you can really be honest and take a true look you will see a big looser that will soon have no juice that sold his soul for 6 pieces of silver that is in real life is a rat, loser , bush wacker, that now is in big trouble because he will soon be on the wrong team and guess what that means You are fired sign this letter or no unemployment YO! YO!.
  10. EX- PVSC MUTANTS: BROKE UNEMPLOYED DEFEATED HUMILIATED ON WELFARE JEALOUS FAILURES DEPRESSED UNWANTED YOU GET IT: L O S E R S!!!!!! PS: Congratulate Wayne on the new Firefighters that you are paying for while you remain on WELFARE! Hahahaha 😂
  11. Pechter's Fire

    @Kearny Senior: Watch the video asshole! No danger at all! When assholes like you quote statistics then you lost the argument. Keep being a jerk-off and pay your highest property taxes in the nation. My taxes do NOT support a paid Fire Department! Never have, never will!
  12. My understanding is his personnel record was wiped clean. Scary that they keep putting unstable people especially one armed with a gun in a school with children. Things to remember when you click the vote button.
  13. Harrison DPW driving

    They are on their phones and most likely have not been **** tested
  14. It may be so but it may not be able to save your job WAYNE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. Pechter's Fire

    According to Google, over 100 FF's are killed each year at fire scenes, I doubt they were squirting water from a safe distance. Barney is so full of hate because he FAILED at becoming a FF. He must be a real joy to live with.
  16. The next new West Hudson Firefighter coming down the road is also the recipient of a certain PVSC Boss recommendation. I wonder who the power broker behind the patronage appointment is 😉? The fired PVSC LOSERS are paying this powerful man's friends for the tit Firefighter job even though the LOSERS are broke, jobless and probably homeless. Hahahaha
  17. Pechter's Fire

    What's so hard about squirting water from a hose onto a building from a safe distance? If the video is supposed to show bravery then it's a BIG FAIL! It's absurd that the taxpayers are getting hit for 10's of millions a year to support these patronage & nepotism bitches!
  18. A companion ordinance – subject to a public hearing and adoption Dec. 5 – ratifying the change in pay for Dowie creates a “5% differential between his salary and that of the deputy chief,” according to Mayor Alberto Santos. “That would equal an additional amount of $10,844.60 for 2016 and $6,295.44 for 2017.” Additionally, the town agreed to provide the chief $87,609.50 – which breaks out as: $28,658.22 for 36 unused vacation days, $5,687.53 for holiday days,$1,519.75 for unpaid longevity and $51,744 for “debriefing” (terminal) pay. So Dowie’s total payout will come to $104,749.54. This town is a joke!
  19. Fearless Firefighters

    It's easy to earn when it's your daddy handing out the bills.
  20. Earlier
  21. I know what it is like to have so much fear the fear that you have because you are a big 0!and you will be out of a job because mommy and dad and uncle have no juice to put a looser like you in a new job.Go to church and start praying for help because you have nothing to offer never will never did just mommy,s phone call maybe you can weave baskets at the funny farm you will most likely land there anyway that,s where low life looser,s that can,t make and give up go.
  22. PVSC LOSERS! Waaaa...😥...babies....😭....zeroes...😭.......jealous of Wayne....🤢....unemployed....😬......no medical benefits....🤕....just plain LOSERS!!
  23. Pechter's Fire

    Amateur hour at it's finest! Very little in the form of a fire but many desperate calls for mutual aid. Embarrassing, humiliating and LAME!!
  24. We'll see A$$HOLE and you are a LOW LIFE A$$HOLE
  25. Hammer & other shit canned PVSC LOSERS: Losing your medical insurance, house and dignity proves that you are ABSOLUTE LOSERS! Any half-assed educated person could have gotten a different job within a month. You lost everything because mommy & daddy got you the no work, no brain patronage/nepotism job at the shit factory. Let it sink in that no matter who gets elected in NJ it's NOT going to help you. HAHAHA
  26. Do all you Rats , Punks and Spineless people that sold your so called fake friends out know or have any idea what the November 7 Th election means for all you low life animals . It means try to fiend another job no medical you are going to lose your house car and family self worth . It is going to be so bad you will just crawl into a hole and not ever want to come out. Sounds bad but that is what the Judge did back when 200 people where fired for no reason at all. So get ready and good luck because it is not going to be a good day.
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