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  2. street cleaning tickets

    Not surprised one bit. Record it one day of you can. Not much will happen by posting on this site.
  3. Harrison to face HUGE lawsuit

    I don’t have children in the schools but am very bothered by this. Is this in reference to the officer appointed at the high school. Grapevine says he’s unstable. Is this the best they could find to be around teenagers who can make take one’s blood pressure on a roller coaster ride? Please tell me he doesn’t carry a gun around kids.
  4. You would do this town a huge service to follow through. This man is toxic to anyone who wants to think for themselves.
  5. Awesome! Please continue to do right. People in all roles should be promoted based on qualifications not the manipulations of a corrupt town council.
  6. Dr James Doran

    No person should be able to hold multiple positions that clearly are conflicts of interest. Not conflicts for him of course. Why not own a realty company AND have have connections to those with a seat at the table deciding the town’s developmental future? Why not have a position of authority within the school system? Perfect opportunity to have his eyes and ears to the ground for anyone who would DARE go against his inner circle? YES, he uses people within his own office to strong arm the few that would be so gullible to think they have the right to vote for whoever they think would do a good job! The funny thing is that even though I think he is a deplorable human being and those that follow him are spineless - I would vote for someone within that circle if he chose to run on his own merits and cut ties. LB- don’t you want to be mayor one day? With all you do for this town, I’m sure you know you could do more good. So why is your puppet master still pushing for fif e to do the job? Is it because You might just have a soul and concsious of your own - a little tougher to manipulate? Think what you will about AM, but at least he has a spine. Win or lose, my vote is for the candidate that opposes quadruple dippers.
  7. Dr James Doran

    Well said.
  8. Water Meters

    Why is a private company installing water meters instead of our own Water Department? Wonder what this is going to cost us tax payers?
  9. Commercial Vehicles

    If you speak up at a town meeting, you must give your name and address which is quickly jotted down by the clerk. Depending on the nature of your complaint, you could expect to get a letter from the building inspector.

    Governor Murphy is cleaning out all the CHRISTIE $HIT and PVSC is on the list of cleaning out all the SHIT that has destroyed this agency. So my advise to the people who walked out 200 employees, Leave on your own or be lead out by Security just like you did to the 200 employees who did nothing to deserve what they got Unloading all the CHRISTIE $HIT and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Commercial Vehicles

    You call the police and they ride by the car you called about look at it and get back to their phone to lazy to get out of the car. The attitude on the ones that answer the phone in the station are just not worth dealing with. They do nothing about the town vehicles on the street taking up residential parking spaces either, when you call about anything there is always retaliation so why bother.
  12. Little Leauge Field

    When will the NYNJ Redbulls donate some money and have the Little Field transformed into a turf field. It would be a nice gesture on there part but knowing that organization it won’t happen. What a shame I guess big business really doesn’t give a shit.
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  14. Mayor Santos has to go next election

    Okay , Barney. We know you couldn't make it into the KFD. They are the best. Everyone loves them and anybody that fights with a firefighter under any circumstances should be punished.
  15. Mayor Santos has to go next election

    Yes, they get paid way too much but that's not their fault. That's good for them but they should lower the starting pay for new members who join and wait longer to hit the 100k mark like teachers do, 20 years.
  16. Million dollar soccer statute

    Speaking of useless, come November this town will take a right turn. The reins will be handed to change . The taxpayers are tired of this horse shit melody this mayor and council have spewed. Our pockets are taking the hit for every illegal apt dweller. Paid for the developments That benefit a certain click crew. Well second ward answer the call and you will be mayor! The people will speak!
  17. St Pays Parade

    I thought the parade was a total disrespect. I didn’t see the same efforts as other country parades this town holds. I didn’t see the same red carpet affect placed. This town has certainly shifted in its way and traditions . Mayor and council everyone is Irish and wear green .unfortunately not everyone got the memo. I can see this town has hit rock bottom. It’s down to building shoeboxes and raising taxes to cover the corruption it’s consuming in salaries . Expect to lose come November mayor and council. You’ve shown your true intentions. Keep sucking on that redbull tit till November , a change is coming and needed desesperately .
  18. Red Bull’s Traffic

    I agree a call for protection . Otherwise expect to lose the election to the second ward guy. I don’t need my taxes higher with lack of service . These time around you will be held to accountability. The selling point is no tax increase . Better service for the money. Your salaries are alarming in one f**king square mile. You’ve hired the retired parasites to do the same shit they did before. You really don’t have a shot at this pace. Force retirement of those old farts lingering and make it permanent .
  19. Mayor Santos has to go next election

    Obey your Master Santos! He has allowed the shit show named the Kearny Fire Department to fail the residents time and time again. What's a person's life worth anyway? The bravest (LOL!) gotta sleep on duty to be fresh for their full time job whatever it may be. The KFD WORK IS A PART TIME JOB! The KFD is one of the highest paid in the state with the majority of heroes (LOL!) making well over $100K a year for sleeping at the clubhouse 2 days a week. Most of the fearless smoke eaters (LOL!) are patronage and nepotism babies who DO NOT live in Kearny. THE KFD ARE COWARDS! A few have had their asses kicked for opening their big drunken mouths at bars. SO FUNNY! 😂THE KFD IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALBERTO! KEEP PAYING UP SUCKER RESIDENTS!
  20. You can call me old fashion out of time think what ever you want but I know one thing for shore when I go its to work to and when I go in I work off course i take my union breaks and meals but what has to get done gets done. Out of 8 hours how many did little boy or boss hug work. Just point fingers and blame others so the next time they have something to say tell them to take a good look in the mirror and the the only thing you will see is the big looser that you are.
  21. Mayor Santos has to go next election

    Of course, but a mayor should care about the town’s education system.
  22. Chief Strumolo

    Saved the Fire Department. That's a good thing? The Harrison FD is one of the most top heavy and highest paid FD's in NJ. They (along with Hoboken) are also the most underutilized, untrained and embarrassing FD's in the state. Neither works the ambulance or has even a handful of patronage babies living in town. The Harrison FD raises taxes with excessive overtime demands! They should have been gone a long time ago.
  23. Mayor Santos has to go next election

    True indeed! This county is changing, so many people from NYC moving to our county & town.
  24. Pot Holes

    It is understandable with the weather we had that pot holes are not a priority. After the weather breaks please fix the pot holes.
  25. Red Bull’s Traffic

    Who is training these people directing traffic during the games you have a group of morons standing on corners basically where are the cops .the blind leading the blind. Meanwhile the taxpayers are the ones inconvenience . We are left unprotected for a group of shitheads kicking a ball around.
  26. HPD

    The Hypocrisy of it all, you have ranking cops on their phone driving around. Of course it’s not official when they are pulling into the quick chek . No doubt phoning in their coffee . Let’s see if this chief can turn things around. This town is in trouble.
  27. Mayor Santos has to go next election

    He endorsed Tom Degise for county executive, wonder why? Mayor Santos has a county job that’s pays him 80k a year! This county and town needs a change! Our west hudson park is outdated!
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