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  2. Kearny Police capture a group of drug dealers with a loaded handgun and the new bail system lets them out in 2 days.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I will get involved.
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  5. What a mess "GOD HELP US"
  6. You should thank GOVERNOR A$$HOLE for your job because in 8 months you'll be calling him an A$$HOLE for putting you on the unemployment line because as we say in politics the WHEEL TURNS and the climate that this Governor A$$HOLE created in throwing innocent people out like dogs and you don't think there's a revenge factor in this equation you are sadly mistaken. Try shopping your resume around working for CHRIS CHRISTIE and WAYNE FOREST as highlights and see who hires you. Tough times are waiting for you and lets hope you are saving your money because while CHRISTIE will be making money he could give a $HIT about you he's done so your on your own. That's the kind of guy you hitched your wagon too. Ask KELLY and BARONI if GOVERNOR A$$HOLE stood by them he overturned their wagon and kept riding and the same thing will happen to you soon. HAPPY EASTER A$$HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Where it needs improvement lets start with the High School to have a ranking at the bottom is unacceptable. The fact that this Board caters to FAMILY and FRIENDS and the POLITICALLY CONNECTED is one of the reasons for this ranking. They no longer look at hiring the best staff but instead hire people who will work in securing their election to the Board and look at the result "Failing Schools" and a Political Climate that has sucked all the air out the room. The fact that we missed an opportunity to expand our Middle School has resulted in disorganization within the School District with the reduction in Staff and Programs and Private for Profit Charter Schools will continue to thrive and rankings like 309th will give parents alternatives as to what is best for their Children. Property Taxes will continue to rise and the People will pay more for less and Public Education will suffer as a result of Petty Political Bickering and a ************* that is clearly over her head and shows no ability in challenging this Board of Education in other words "THE INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM" and the reckless decisions that have been made ie. (LIGHTS AT FRANKILIN SCHOOL, WASTED COST OVER RUNS THAT HAVE COST THIS DISTRICT MILLIONS) The list goes on and on and will continue if this TOWN doesn't start paying attention to what's happening to our SCHOOLS. Property Values will drop as a result of FAILING SCHOOLS. So JAMES I would say this, get involved go to board meetings demand answers to the decisions that have made by this out of touch with a bad economy and the position they put the TAXPAYERS OF KEARNY. Also you can review their decisions on the WEBSITE " KEARNYSCHOOLS .COM" Stay informed and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this mess please by all means offer them it would be much better that what was done by this Board of Education.
  8. Amazing , We've gone from the worst president in history to who will prove to be one of the best in history.
  9. Good for you on the great job you have that you got from a very bad move that hurt 200 family and lots of other people but wait until January because the fire storm is on the way and then its By By.
  10. What do you think needs improvement in Kearny's education system?
  11. Man you got a great job the only thing wrong is you did not get the right way and I am sorry to say what will happen after January you know the old what goes around comes around . Karma Karma Karma!
  12. A man gets wasted, gets behind the wheel drunk, runs over an old man. Because he is a town worker and is protected by a few big chiefs, He gets off with no punishment. Is that what it comes down to? Does this give a pass to every town worker to do what they want, Without worry of prosecution. What if the man that got run over was Doran or Fife? Then what would happen?. How would that come into play ?
  13. Out of 43 views, You people are telling me that no one else knows how to get into contact with Dr Bradley? Not one of you have any idea? For so many know it alls on this board.
  14. Why any Radio Station would put an A$$HOLE like CHRISTIE with a 17% approval rating on the air is one of the most DUMBEST decisions in the history of Radio and reminds me of when they tried Magic Johnson as a talk show host and the network lost viewers by the thousands which is exactly what is happening every time this JERK is on the air. You lost a lot of viewers as a result of giving this guy an opportunity in making a bad guy into a Radio Jock Strap. Turned to a different station the minute I heard his voice. Now you lost me for good!!!!!!!!!! BOOMER & CARTON Two A$$HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The world found out last night there's a new sheriff in town. Barry Snowflake is gone and we now have a Commander In Chief that doesn't draw imaginary red lines that everyone laughs at.
  16. Well the time has come and now hard choices have to be made as a result of the " WORST FINANCIAL CRISIS IN THE HISTORY OF KEARNY" CHARTER SCHOOLS are invading our town with more on the way. I say this thank Barbara and Bernadette for the mess you put this School District and you will now see more students leaving Public Education and more of our tax money going to Private for PROFIT Education and Unions will grow weaker and Staff reductions will be a common practice and the sad thing about this is our property taxes will increase every year and we will pay more for less as services will be cut as a result of bad planning and lack of preparing for these Charter Schools. So I say this don't let me say I told you so back in January because D-DAY has come to the Students and Teachers of Kearny. You can be sure all Family and Friends will be saved from the layoffs.
  17. OK the past few Days I been walking around Harrison There is a problem I was down by the High School would like to know why there are 2 crossing Guards not on there corners at all the corners of ****** and ******* Sts I will be watching and I will find out who to contact about this !!!
  18. I would like to thank the Honorable Governor Christie and the Honorable Wayne Forrest for providing a generous six figure no work job for myself and two family members. Christie and Forrest drained the swamp which made room for an educated person such as myself to procure a high salaried position free of stress and pesky oversight. Fantastic pay, a generous vacation and sick day package, top notch health care and a rock solid state pension at the end. We are absolutely living it! I often laugh thinking about which losers where kicked to the curb to make room for us. It's 5 O'clock somewhere. Gotta go! 🤗
  19. So what was the final outcome of this DWI. Should the Observer do an inquiry of the local Municipal Court.
  20. You must be such a angry looser why are you so made they must of fired you or you did not have the juice to get a job at PVSC all you could do is ride past the gate and get mad take a good look in the mirror and you will see what you are stand up and be a man and do not make fun or point fingers at people that got hurt by bad and hurtful ways of doing things and then maybe some day you will grow up and be a man not a mouse.
  21. 17% approval rating for CHRISTIE 36% approval rating for TRUMP PERFECT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. You want Harrison back to the way it was? Go to Facebook Page.. "I grew up in Harrison, N.J." You will get a full dose of how the Town was in the past. Vicious, rumor starting gossips! Everyone snooping into other people's business. Cliques that team up on each other if someone doesn't agree with their group. Information and disgusting in fighting discussion over a Funeral! Even a person giving out Personal Medical Information in a attempt to gain sympathy and prayer for herself! Just like the "Old Days" one woman and a few others are constantly and obviously infatuated, with posting and replying to all postings. There is some interesting photos of some of Harrison's Past Landmark Buildings and interesting comments and even that turns out to be questionable recollections and bad grammar. The interesting comments quickly turn to unconfirmed gossip and conjecture started by one person that turns out to be false information. If you want a good look into Harrison's past, follow this garbage for a few days and if you are not sick to your stomach, I'm sure you will have second thoughts about returning Harrison to the way it used to be.
  23. Christie administration didn't like the Judge's comment on getting caught up in culture of politics. Guilty conscious. He thought the Judge was referring to his administration when the comment was much broader.
  24. Dr Bradley, All your patients at your former office, wish you could give us some contact info. So we can keep being your patients, Wherever you are now practicing. Does anyone have information concerning Dr Glenn Bradley? You know, once you find a great Chiropractor that you can trust, It's a little difficult finding another one that you will trust. Our spines are not like cars , where if you don't like one mechanic, There's always another, Your patients know you were overworked at your previous office. You were not only our Doctor but our friend as well. Any info would be appreciated.
  25. Comrade 2smart, remember this.😂? The tangerine tyrant has spent more time on the golf course in 2 months than the last real president did in a year. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Donnys going to get a p******m cocktail
  26. Viscuso, Davidson and Hill are up for reelection
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