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    who's stopping you
  3. Fearless Firefighters

    27 pages of Barney crying over his failures to become a Kearny FF !! That boy needs an intervention.
  4. Fearless Firefighters

    We should have volunteer fire department!
  5. How much of this abatement is going to our school system?

    I hope whoever gets elected looks into PPP. Pay to Play ****? ********* **** is the Director of Training for ******* ******. Lets start with why did ********* **** get thrown off the ****** ******* ***** **** and lose her ********** her senior year? Wasn't because she was a mediocre soccer player. Perhaps check with ****** PD. She has hurt our girls and the town by her genetic greed. The Superintendent of Schools, The *** ********* and the Athletic Director ( ******* coach) all know about this and let it continue. If you don't pay **** to play *******, you don't play *** ******. How can this be allowed to continue. The youth of Kearny are being irreparably harmed by this **** DO SOMETHING
  7. Answers on Kearny HS teacher controversy

    It is my understanding that there is no Fall Crew program that is part of the High School athletic program. So in all reality these events in the Fall are sponsored by private organizations, no different than the soccer clubs that student athletes play for in the off season. So now you are mad at the volunteer coach who doesn't want to give up a Sunday to coach a race. It seems to me that your complaint is with the Crew Parents Association who sponsor the Fall crew program. If there is any discrimination here they would be the ones responsible and not the Department of Education. I'm sure you are a member of that association and should discuss this issue with their leadership. Maybe there are issues with the regular High School Crew program that the Board of Education and the DOE can, and should address but is this case they are not responsible. The only thing they can do is shut down the use of the Schools equipment and facilities which just hurts all the kids.

    What about when the current Board President hired his brother? Just read the Observer articles and you can see for yourself.

    Lets talk about FAMILY and FRIEND"S the fact is these Board Members past and present have secured threw there connections very comfortable positions for Family and Friends in the Kearny School System. You speak of these friends being qualified are they??? Were there others that were better qualified and were overlooked in favor of a friend or a family member???? I am a firm believer what's done is done and the tax money we pay for QUALITY EDUCATION (WHICH WE AREN'T GETTING) has to change and these Board Members need to stop making this a personal employment agency. Candidates with no personal interest and have the best interest as a whole in hiring the best person for the jobs that are offered that directly affect the best we can give our Children. I can give you a long list of FAMILY and FRIENDS that have gained employment as a result of being on the Board of Education. The Current FIRE CHIEF is a good starting point so don't sell me that this doesn't exist because it has been going on for years and it has to end. I can name many more if you would like me too.

    How would I be able to get a lawn sign on my house and 4 absentee ballots for these candidates?

    Did we hit a nerve? What do you mean if there is family employed by the board? It doesn't matter when they were hired. They work for the board. At the next board meeting take note how many board members don't vote because of conflict.
  12. Yea like MURPHY would be friends with someone like A$$HOLE FOREST NOT!!!!! There are a lot of people more powerful waiting in the wings at a chance for REVENGE for what you did to innocent employees at PVSC. A little EGO DRIVEN MAN who's only goal was to do what he was told in order to get what he wanted A JUDGESHIP. This man has no heart and no sense of what effect it had on the lives of family of these employees of PVSC. SPINELESS and GREEDY is the best way to characterize this man. One thing is a given an investigation will dig deep into the actions of the Governor's Office and the relationship they had in the decisions that were recklessly made by LITTLE WAYNE and company. One would think that CHRISTIE and FOREST are in cleanup mode in trying to cover their tracks and in knowing there will be no third term, no Trump appointment, The failed Presidential Campaign, No TV GIG, A tainted legacy with 85% of the public that can;t stand you, BRIDGE GATE you knew, BEACH GATE didn't care what people though and already knew the $CUMBAG that you are and maybe you think so yourself. History will define these people as self serving low life " PIGS AT THE TRAYS" Its going to be fun to watch these A$$HOLES sweat and be given back what they gave to the undeserving ex-employees of PVSC.
  13. Fearless Firefighters

    What kind of story is that? Do they allow you to post from the asylum? Get a life!!!

    Okay, first of all you CAN NOT hire family while you are a board member. It's illegal. It's part of the nepotism law. Which means if there is "FAMILY" employed by the BOE, they were employed BEFORE their relative or relatives were board members. So that leaves "friends". Do the "friends" actually have a job, you know, performing duties, showing up every day, things like that? Or are they sitting home collecting a check for doing nothing? And do these "friends" live in town, pay taxes, support the school system? Are these "friends" unqualified for the duties they are performing? One last question. Do you even know what you are insinuating? Do you really have facts or are you just interested in flinging mud? You can vote for whoever you want, but these tired accusations are as boring as you are.
  15. Fearless Firefighters

    You definitely aren't losing interest. Search "Barney" in all content. You've got about 27 pages of someone calling another person Barney. Lots of posts from you in there.
  16. Answers on Kearny HS teacher controversy

    Too Long, Didn't Read
  17. http://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2017/10/nepotism_scandal_that_forced_out_big_money_super_of_tiny_district_began_with_tip.html#incart_river_home Nepotism scandal that forced out big-money super of tiny Bergen district began with tip Updated on October 12, 2017 at 1:21 PMPosted on October 12, 2017 at 12:58 PM 0 shares By Sara Jerde sjerde@njadvancemedia.com, NJ Advance Media for NJ.com A nepotism scandal that led to the resignation of one of the state's highest-paid superintendents, who ran an obscure district in southern Bergen County for more than a decade, was sparked by an anonymous tip into her alleged conduct, the state says. Dawn Fidanza, superintendent of the South Bergen Jointure Commission, submitted her resignation in the wake of a scathing state report that alleged she transferred her daughter, a district employee, from the transportation office to the business office without approval. The admittedly foul-mouthed superintendent, who candidly told investigators that she was an "F-bomber" in the office, then took the remarkable step of personally putting stickers over cameras in the business office so they wouldn't record her daughter's movements, according to the investigation conducted by the state's Department of Education. Dawn Fidanza The state also alleged she used her position to try to influence supervisors' performance reviews of her daughter. The district she ran, the South Bergen Jointure Commission, had only 276 students enrolled last school year. Yet in her role over the tiny district, she earns a base salary of $236,735, and was the eighth highest-paid superintendent in the state last year. State officials did not immediately respond to a request for a calculation of what her monthly pension payments would be if she retired in the wake of the transfer scandal. Formed in 1994, the district is a state-approved Board of Education that provides services to local school districts, including transportation to field trips and special education classes. It is governed by a board of 14 school officials from the districts. Fidanza submitted her resignation effective Dec. 31 and will be placed on leave effective Nov. 1. Board President Gregorio Maceri would not say whether it was a paid leave. Before her leave, Fidanza will be "primarily" working in another location in the district, Maceri said. Maceri would not disclose what job Fidanza would be doing before she goes on leave. Maceri confirmed the search to find an interim superintendent began last week, when the job was posted on Oct. 5. Fidanza, who had just pulled into her driveway when approached by a reporter on Wednesday, pulled back out and drove off without comment. Fidanza holds degrees from Pace University and Fordham University and was made superintendent of the South Bergen Jointure Commission in 2005, according to her public LinkedIn profile. ADVERTISING Fidanza has been a member of the Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund for more than 30 years, according to state pension records. But after years at the top post of a Bergen County district, her conduct concerning her daughter, Julia Fidanza, who started as a transportation clerk on Dec. 1, 2015, was at the heart of the state investigation that led to her resignation. State nepotism laws require a district to get approval if employing a relative of a top administrator. For the initial hiring, Dawn Fidanza did get approval from the Executive County Superintendent, which is required by state law. She was advised that she was prohibited from having "direct or indirect authority, supervision or control" over her daughter, according to the state. But Fidanza did not get approval from the district board when she transferred her daughter to the business office in early 2016. She also did not let the ECS know of the transfer, according to the investigators' report. Fidanza then allegedly stuck adhesive labels on the lenses of security cameras in the district offices. A district employee told investigators that Fidanza told her she was covering the cameras so people wouldn't see the "comings and goings of her daughter." Julia Fidanza's last day in the district was June 30. She earned $47,200, according to state pension records. It's not clear if Julia Fidanza leaving the district and the investigation are related. Other details about the case are also unclear, such as when Dawn Fidanza submitted her resignation, when the board approved it and at what point it was decided she would be placed on leave. South Bergen Jointure Commission offered public notice of the investigation's findings and posted an abbreviated version of the full report on its website. But board agendas and meeting minutes that could provide insight into how the district handled the situation are not available on the district's website and can only be accessed by contacting the school business administrator. The business adminstrator, Susan Cucciniello, acknowledged that she received a formal records request, but had not yet released the requested information by early Thursday afternoon. The investigative unit that compiled the report chose not to notify local law enforcement about its findings, said David Saenz, Jr., a spokesman for the state Department of Education. The case was referred to the state Board of Examiners, which also has the power to bring law enforcement into the matter, as well as revoke or suspend an educator's certificates. It's not clear whether the Board of Examiners has reviewed Fidanza's case. For now, Fidanza is still listed as the district's superintendent on its website, where she says she is "very proud" of the district, and believes its students are given "the finest quality education available." Sara Jerde may be reached at sjerde@njadvancemedia.com. Follow her on Twitter @SaraJerde. Have information about this story or something else we should be covering? Tell us: nj.com/tips
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  19. Fearless Firefighters

    Barney, you need to come up with some new material, I'm losing interest.

    Nothing fake about the family and friends working for board because they got them a job. Nothing fake about all the taxpayer money they get paid. Electing them is three years of the same. It's time for a change. Vote for change. No Family and Friends.
  21. Fearless Firefighters

    As I entered the 24th hour of straight sleep at "the house" like so many nights before, I was dreaming of my upcoming promotion to Captain and the $175,000 a year for doing nothing. Suddenly, I was startled awake by a very unfamiliar sound. It was the annoying alarm caused by a thoughless taxpayer who called crying for help. It really pissed me off! The others heroes and myself got to the house in only 30 minutes because it was only a block away which was very fast. We had on our Fireman costumes, Scotty packs, axes and halogen tools. The stupid homeowner should have put out the small kitchen fire by themselves. WTF are you bothering us for?? We poured 5000 gallons of water on the house from a safe distance and ruined the house as punishment for waking us up. A small fire extinguisher would have worked but too bad. We heroes all have full time jobs to go to and demand uninterrupted sleep at the clubhouse. This no work Firefighter job is just part-time and we don't live in town so stop bothering us! The drive to town from down the shore 2 days a week is enough! Please be more considerate next time!

    Interesting campaign strategy. File this one under "FAKE NEWS".

    20 VOTES FOR THESE PEOPLE FROM MY FAMILY Have really had enough of VISCUSO and PARIS
  24. The RATINGS ARE DOWN since CHRISTIE'S BUDDY CARTON got arrested and the CHRISTIE CURSE has put BOOMER in a bad place. Ratings are what keeps you on the air and decline in the ratings will end this radio program. Hanging around CHRISTIE is just plain BAD KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. They're not concerned about the people. They're concerned about the family and friends they got jobs. They were born raised and still live here and think they're entitled. To win this election they will add more people to the payroll. You talk about be an immigrant and living in town, let's talk about the real issue. This group has made a lot of money off this town and continues to make money. If I made a load of dough from town I would stick around too. Working for ALL people, Bull.
  26. This group loves to insult other people. Kearny is made up primarily of peoplewho came from other towns. So these candidates believe that they are more qualified to serve on the board because they are born and raised in Kearny. I think not. Mrs. Paris, if you had integrity you would not be running for the board. Sounds like sour apples because of your lost. Someone answer why Paris lost and her two best friends and running mates won by larger margins. Ballot Position? Think not. Mrs. Paris, how does it feel to be used?
  27. Your argument makes no sense. Hometown means "born and raised" AND STILL HERE. Still caring about their hometown and trying to make it as best as possible for EVERYONE who lives here. And by the way, we are ALL immigrants here , some first generation and some a bit further back. I don't know why this makes you feel not welcomed. It should make you feel more welcomed that people who have lived here all their lives have not abandoned their home town (as many have done), and continue to work for ALL Kearny's residents.
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