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  2. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    "card blanch' ?? It's Carte Blanche, you idiot.
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  4. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    Name calling but no facts. The post calls out hiring standards, or lack thereof, and all you can do is resort to the same stick. No one complained of the need to hire Firemen, just the poor choices and lowering of standards and qualifications. Dispute the articles with fact if you can. Chief Dyl and his staff dropped the ball on this one and all you can do is call us Barney. Starting to think You're the Fire Chief or one of his staff posting here to divert attention away from your failures.
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  6. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    Do not say that you are just seeing what a ***** ** **** Steve Dyl is! He has been a D**b A** his entire career. The Mayor needs to get rid of the three of them. And call civil service. And let them know what he did. He jumped a bunch of people, to get to his own. And the town is letting him get away with it. Shame on you all.
  7. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    I don't understand why the mayor is allowing Dyl to run the fire dept. He is showing the people of this good town he can't do the job. Maybe the mayor should get rid of all three of them. The tax payers, and the firemen will be able to sleep at night knowing they arent there.
  8. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    I see Barney has his panties in a wad over the last hires in the FD. Barney cries every time a FF is hired, it reminds him of his failures.
  9. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    If people came out to the council meeting they could protest this kind of appointment. The Mayor and Council have card blanch. The people of Kearny need to get involved. Kearny is a great little town under bad management. By the way, the Mayor and Council always point out how the BOE is raising taxes. Look at the letter sent with your tax bill. Municipal and school tax look pretty close. Time for a change.
  10. If Paris is running and she split a ticket How does Doran feel about that? I'm sure he'll fall right in line with the crowd that came up with this plan. So let me see if I got this right. The board works well together. Now there could be a split. Get ready folks, here is where our kids get the shaft. Paris, you lost last time. Do yourself a favor, get out now. People don't want you on the board.
  11. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    And people of Kearny think that friends and family only get hired on the BOE. Steve only hires his friends and family. Look at the civil service list. He passed lots of kids. To get to his little boy. FACT!!!!
  12. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    Please tell me that this person was fired. There is no way the town is allowing this sick person to stay in the fire house! Why is the mayor letting Dyl hire these misfits. This does not make Kearny look good at all.
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  14. Fire Department Hiring Standards

    http://www.theobserver.com/2017/08/new-firefighter-hired-but-not-without-dissent/ According to this Observer article, The hiring standards were lowered to hire this candidate with the Mayor opposing it. Makes me wonder what this kid did that they lowered standards when they hired another very questionable person with no discussion. Check out this article from NJ.com: http://www.nj.com/news/local/index.ssf/2009/06/man_arrested_for_using_plastic.html This guy is in the **** ******* right now. I for one don't want ****** of ***** **** coming to my house in an emergency. Great job by Chief Dyl and his staff in hiring these 2.
  15. The wheel keeps spinning it never stops.
  16. Good luck Mr Doran hope you have the guts to look at what these pigs did to 200 families stand up for the working man right the wrong lots of luck again have a good day.
  17. Rover's

    Lots of dirt being piled up on the former railroad tracks by Davis Avenue. Rover's has their name on a sign attached to a fence. Anyone know the purpose behind this? As usual nothing reported in the Observer.
  18. NJ.com Article on Councilman Doran

    All he needs to do is ask his brother what was done when Wayne Forest took his orders from Christie in exchange for a Judgeship and thru 200 people out like dogs in a heartless and spineless act of self interest and self promotion.
  19. NJ.com Article on Councilman Doran

    If he was Christie's buddy then Nick Sacco would have never have signed off on him.
  20. security guard in harrison garden

    Where are these jobs posted?
  21. School Crossing Guards

    Can't get along with anyone. You have to like or love yourself to like or love others. Something some just don't get. SAD CASE!
  22. Resident parking stickers

    How about town vehicles with no decals being parked on residential streets? Being used for personal use? Why are they not parked in the town garage?
  23. http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2017/08/hudson_county_dem_becomes_quadruple_dipper_after_s.html#incart_river_home Story on Councilman Doran. Why this man would want to open himself up to an article like this for $10,000 salary shows his greed and power hungry nature. The issue here is the legality of his switching from Superintendent of Schools to his curentjob to avoid the salary cap imposed by is buddy Governor Chris Christie who just approved him.
  24. Resident parking stickers

    The problem on my street is white vans that don't have commercial plates but are used as commercial transport to take workers to their jobs. They gather on the sidewalk every morning and are driven away in the vans. The vans park on my street because the drivers live on my street. They drop the workers off & repark on the street. They pick the workers up and repark on my street. They also park their personal cars on the street. Most nights there are 4 of these vans on the block. That's a lot of parking spaces. So if I drive a school bus, I can just bring it home and park it on my street? Essentially the same thing. If there is no regulation of vehicles which are clearly being used commercially, I guess we are just out of luck.
  25. Polish National Home

    Great more cookie cutter homes built by the politically connected. The Town should have bought it for much needed parking for shoppers (during the day) and residents (at night) Once again the great comes into play
  26. Polish National Home

    They are actually building several 2 Family homes there. Get your facts straight.
  27. Polish National Home

    It will be a parking lot for cars without resident stickers.
  28. I understand that Paris is running for the board because she lost to Zapata. And Viscuso is running with her. Dumping his running mates. Can this get anymore ridiculous. She worked with these people on the board. They seemed to work well together. And the other misfits are okay with this? The people didn't vote Paris in the last time. She lost to her running mates by a thousand votes. What makes her think people will vote her in now. Don't vote for Viscuso and Paris. Time for a change.
  29. Polish National Home

    They packed it in and left. They are building a McDonald's drive thru someone said. Another person said they were going to build a parking garage to help the residents with parking. Another person said that a Home Depot is moving in to compete with Economy Hardware whose been suffering ever since they moved the front entrance from Harrison Avenue. Another person said that it's going to be a Starbucks so those of us on this side of town feel better about all the new residents we can't keep track of Another person said it was going to be the new Police Station and Jail to keep all the new criminals coming into town and trying to rob us. Another person said that it's going to be Fire Station so we can hire more relatives to be fire fighters. Another person said they wanted to prevent Phil Murphy from standing on the stage of the Polish Club since he blew off the Harrison Democratic Club Fundraiser Party...even though he needs our votes. Another person said he didn't know what the hell was going on... maybe it's a Polish joke on all of us.
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