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  3. A story about the Kearny Board of Education laying off 14 teachers because of Charter School. What if they were smart and bought the private school buildings for 3 million dollars the amount of money that is being sent over to the private charter school? They had the opportunity to buy these schools but did nothing even when offered the properties at reasonable prices. You build a new headquarters with environmental problems from friends but you say the current Charter school property was not habitable. You deserve being shown up by the Charter School management. Maybe we should have them run the schools since they are doing a great job.
  4. Yes it is a great thing and a blessed thing getting sober but have you and Wayne ever stop to think of what you did the pain you caused to good working people and because of this how many are on the streets now because of your heartless actions at PVSC. so far 2 dead how many on the streets close to death.Do you two tough guys have the guts Yes you Mr c and Wayne to say you sorry we made a mistake and we will right the wrong. Why not stand on you feet and walk the walk not just talk the talk before 1/1/18
  5. Tony, Tony, Tony. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Your obsession with the Fire Department is unhealthy fella.
  6. Yes the drug problem is real and out of control I am very sorry about your friend and the pain it causes drugs where made for pain not to get Hi . It is a very bad problem that there are people that fiend something that take not only the injury pain but all the mental pain away and now there is a drug that makes mental and injury pain all go away so they need more and more no scripts left so they go to the streets and you know the end of that story. But how much pain have you caused Mr C how many people that did nothing have you hurt and maybe they made to the streets. Did you ever think of that do you have a number of them may its time you come clean and explain or even say you are sorry for all those families you hurt that are to old or just can not make it back . Are you a big enough man yo do that.Maybe you and Wayne have the guts to do that not just dance around the problem It all starts with you guys Don!t just talk the talk walk the walk God Bless and get real!
  7. ..and the town is laying off Teachers!! It's a gut punch to every resident who has children whether they need extra help keeping up or aiming for a scholarship. Struggling students are going to be left behind when they need help the most. I am always more interested in my children's grades instead of how many $100,000 to $200,000 a year Firefighters are sleeping at the Clubhouse. The town seems to have an unlimited amount of money for no work, part-time job, out of towner Firefighters salaries & overtime. The actual residents and their children are being neglected. It's time to move someplace where hard earned property tax money isn't spent like a bunch of drunken fools.
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  9. The snowflakes are melting over losses in Georgia and S.C. after pouring 50 million into the races. When they have leaders like Pelosi, Chuckie and Pocahontas, it's no wonder they're 0-4 in the last 4 races. "Make America Great Again".
  10. The town council chooses to continue hiring an increasing amount of out-of-towner Firefighters at the expense of the Kearny childrens educational advancement. It's time for a drastic change when excessive salary and perk demands of out-of-town patronage & nepotism favors are put ahead of the children's future. Laying off ACTIVE Teachers while Firefighters SLEEP at the white male dominated FRAT (fire) Houses is unacceptable! I want my money to go towards education instead of supporting unskilled laborer Firefighters whose children DO NOT attend the Kearny public schools!
  11. Kearny has 100 FF's and yet Barney has never been able to become one of them. You're not very smart Barney.
  12. 19. Kearny Here in Kearny, 16.9 percent of a homeowner's income pays for property taxes, on average. The average tax bill is $10,163. The median household income in this Hudson County town is $60,015.... I think Kearny needs a new Mayor!!!!!
  13. Yes Tony, Because the news paper is never wrong......
  14. Out with the old in with the new, much needed change is needed in order to fix this mess of a school system. Over taxed and under served and it will only get worse.
  15. With a 85% disapproval rating how in the Hell would you think for one minute that this A$$HOLE of a GOVERNOR would improve your Radio Show which in my opinion makes you BOOMER & CARTON look like bigger A$$HOLES by trying to make a really BAD GUY into a SHOCK JOCK STRAP. With that 85% disapproval rating the way I see your losing listeners by the day every time you put this BUM on your station. Bad move it will hurt your station in the end! BOYCOTT BOOMER & CARTON they don't deserve your attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Why does Harrison still have it's own Fire Department? The HFD is nothing more than a white male privileged patronage and nepotism social club desperately clinging onto it's past fake glory days. The hero smoke eaters don't live in Harrison so nobody will miss them. Let Newark takeover before 2018.
  17. Things are going from bad to worse for this A$$HOLE CHRISTIE a 85% disapproval rating ranks him as the worse GOVERNOR in the HISTORY of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. And the balls of this guy in having those two other A$$HOLES BOOMER and CARTON for a fun night at the GOVERNOR'S MANSION is insulting to the people of New Jersey and we assume that the taxpayers will be paying for some of this party. Its funny every time these two A$$HOLES try to give this guy a plug his ratings go down. CHRISTIE is grabbing everything he can before he starts paying his own way in 5 month's and time will tell when your buddy SWEENEY will lose his election in November and PRETO will still be SPEAKER and SWEENEY will be out as SENATE PRESIDENT and all your allies in protecting you from prosecution will have no power to stop what may be in store for you in the legal community. So enjoy your party because the party may be over for you and when you and SWEENEY are out of office in November you can have regular lunch dates at MacDonald's but this time you can cater to each other and not go for a food run for DONALD TRUMP. I can just picture you with TRUMP and TRUMP giving you a pad and pen and saying " Chris go around the table and get everybody's order start with JARAT and work your way around and make it quick we are hungry" Now that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Looks like you can only get 15% of a hamburger at your members only party why even go not enough to eat..And as the wheel turns. KARMA! KARMA! KARMA!
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  20. This town is a joke! Education system is horrible! This Mayor has to do more for this town!
  21. Barney is so slick, he thinks if he uses different names, no one will know it's the pathetic little jealous worm he is.
  22. The article (the facts) clearly states that it took 50 Firefighters from 4 municpalities about an hour to put out this fire. Anyone claiming that the fire was put out in 10 minutes or 'quickly and efficiently" is spreading FAKE NEWS. It's an absolute disgrace and embarrassment that the Kearny Firefighters failed at controlling a fire at an ordinary two family house. The Kearny Fire Department which has about 100 members and costs well in excess of $10 million a year on salaries, benefits and perks alone (overall budget much higher) failed miserably in extinguishing this small contained fire. The Kearny & Harrison Fire Depts. are laughing stocks throughout the State of NJ for their lack of courage, training, and confidence. Consistent calls for mutual aid to put out fires that a handful of organized residents could do with garden hoses is unacceptable.
  23. Sour grapes Barney. I was at that fire, I live down the street. The FF's put out the fire quickly and efficiently. I think your jealousy is showing.
  24. Now Tony Tone, you know you were home listening to the scanner and the fire was out within 10 minutes. Such a jealous little guy you are.
  25. Poor Barney. It must be very difficult for him. Jealousy is a terrible thing and it seems he can't get over it.
  26. Silence! Pay up or the town will add an 18% interest charge to bring you to your knees. Harrison Town Council = ** **** ******!
  27. My condolences to all the snowflakes who were glued to their TV's hoping to see President Trump finally exposed for all his alleged crimes. After suffering through Hillary's defeat and then seeing President Trump exonerated by Comey must have been difficult for the snowflakes to endure.
  28. My opinion: Another poor performance by the bravest, heroic, smoke eating, water hose squirting, Scotty pack wearing, halogen tool carrying, axe wielding Kearny Firefighters. 1) The call comes in 2) The media is contacted for publicity 3) The Firefighters panic and call for help 4) The dog sh*t Firefighting circus starts. An ordinary fire on the 2nd floor of a 2 family house takes a full hour to put out with the assistance of other Fire Depts. The result is a significant property loss and 4 injured residents. Firefighters possibly claiming injury and applying for disability pensions. Tens of millions $$$ of Kearny taxpayers dollars $$$ wasted on salaries, benefits and perks over the years. Keep raising those property taxes for over $100,000 a year for Firefighters that don't live in Kearny!!
  29. Crime in Harrison is getting worse by the day with an increasing level of violent assaults and robberies happening on a daily basis. The town has a well paid but skeleton crew of Police Officers with laughable minimum staffing levels. The criminals taste blood in the water and the hot summer weather will make things worse. Public safety is further compromised by a pathetic and poorly trained Fire Department that is the joke of Hudson County. The brave smoke eaters don't even provide ambulance in between doing nothing. Kearny Police & Fire are just as bad. The taxpayers can't win when nepotism, patronage and emergency service providers that DO NOT live in Kearny and Harrison dominate the landscape.
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