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  2. Harrison PD unoccupied cars?

    Like the one parked on ****** st for years?
  3. Answers on Kearny HS teacher controversy

    Doesn't make any sense that the crew team isn't part of the KHS athletic program. Where are you getting that from? If the "teacher" doesn't want to give up his Sundays, and races are held on Sundays, then someone else should coach the team. This ******* should have been canned a decade ago.
  4. KFD - Kearny FAILURE Department

    Barney, I think the family of the deceased would prefer you to leave him out of your hate speech.
  5. Harrison PD unoccupied cars?

    Does Harrison PD really think they’re fooling people with the fake, unoccupied cars they’re putting out all over town? Come on guys let’s get real.
  6. KFD - Kearny FAILURE Department

    Given recent events, the Kearny Fire Department should be renamed The Kearny FAILURE Department. The change will accurately capture the KFD performance as of late. Does anyone know the response time to the heroes latest pathetic attempt doing their "job?" Why did the man lose his life? The people deserve a detailed account of what went wrong!
  7. I didn't misspell ABUSE and GREED
  8. Rover's

    yes allot of dead bodies
  9. Mr Doran we assume you have settled in to your role of representing Hudson County as Commissioner of PVSC and so many people are counting on you in correcting a terrible wrong that was done to 200 innocent employees that were thrown out like dogs and abused and bullied by Wayne Forest at the direction of Chris Christie and the harm it did to the operation of the plant and the many violations that took place under FORESTS TENURE. Please consider and open investigation into the selfish actions of these individuals as they should be held accountable for their reckless actions against innocent employees and kindly consider bringing most of the employees a chance at returning to their positions that they were unjustly taken out from that resulted in broken families suicides, Forclosed Homes, Broken Marriages and many Social Problems that affected many people as result of something that should have never happened in the first place. Please stand up for the many people that are counting on doing the right thing which affected most of the people that are from your County. Don't let them down their counting on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Lets not forget get the overpaid Fire Chief in which he has enriched himself and the Public Official's were DUM enough to employ his entire family on the Town Taxpayer Employment roles. IE BOE. FIRE DEPT. 4 PEOPLE EMPLOYED FROM ONE FAMILY WITH A COMBINED TOTAL INCOME OF CLOSE TO $500,000 DOLLARS A YEAR. How DUM CAN ELECTED OFFICIAL'S BE IN ALLOWING THIS ABUSE TO TAKE PLACE IN ALLOWING ONE FAMILY TO MAKE ALL THIS MONEY OF PROPERTY TAXES THAT WE PAY AND NOT HAVE A FAIR EMPLOYMENT POLICY IN PREVENTING THIS FROM EVER HAPPENING AGAIN. Angry yes, Bitter You bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The time is getting closer and closer the end of the Rats , Punks and two timers is almost over. I hope you are all proud of what you did I wounder if you can sleep at night how does it feel to sell your soul for six pieces of silver . Today is Sunday maybe you should go to your church and ask your God to forgive you and then and only then will you ever find peace. There is not much more to say the harm has been done 200 family's have been destroyed these where good hard working employees that the only crime they committed was going to work and doing there job. So have a good Holiday and the next time you look in the mirror what will you see a Rat, Bush wacker, Punks, and just want to remind you the the Hammer is getting ready to drop. And its cold out there and there is no jobs.
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  13. So This P.O.S is back in patrol car as a special with his gun and badge back what a joke this town is
  14. arrow

    No, you're a sick puppy. I swear.
  15. arrow

    Paranoia for sure. Build a wall is ridiculous. As stated the range has been there for safe target practice. If it bothers you so much drive a different route.
  16. Fire - No video

    @AssholeKearnySenior: Please post a video of the mighty KFD in their latest dramatic "save." I'd love to see the disgraced fallen heroes failing at the very job they claim to be "professionals" at doing! I'm sure the bravest are locking the Firehouse doors with extra bolt locks to avoid public abuse. 911 should dispatch a group of trained monkeys to the next fire. Let's face facts: The effort sucked and * *** **** *** no reason. The monkeys could do no worse!
  17. street cleaning tickets

    there is a car parked on harrison ave, by harrison garden, never get a street cleaning ticket, and once in awhile the ticket girl, moves the car for the lady. is it because the are good friends( she has the keys for the car, its just not fair)
  18. That's a good question. Why would anyone post about someone dying a horrible death in a fire? What say you, Barney.
  19. I am reading the post on FB about the trailers at the high school. People are happy they are leaving. But, the questions remain why were they there so many years? And why did the construction pick up pace over the last couple of years? Paris and Viscuso would have people believe they are responsible for the picked up pace, When in reality they caused the delay. Viscuso introduces a motion to fire the construction co. And Paris voted to fire the Superintendent just minutes on the board. And people reelected them. If you voted them you must like paying more in taxes and seeing your money wasted. People of Kearny wake up! We cheer the trailers are leaving. We should be crying about the money wasted on this project.
  20. But I have found a way to control my bitterness, I just haunt the KOTW discussion boards, Barney.
  21. arrow

    You can't shoot your rifles at an archery range. You have to go to firearms range. I just get scared because I drive past the driving range on the way to work everyday, and what's stopping those golfers from turning around and launching a golf ball right at me? Why can't I shoot my rifles at a driving range? All golfers need to get fingerprinted and undergo a background check...I'm not paranoid I sware!
  22. Maybe the Kearny Fire Department should get some new personnel? Maybe a man would still be alive had a better effort been put forth? They FAILED AGAIN even with mutual aid! It seems that a while bunch of Firefighters don't make the grade because a run of the mill fire cost a man his life. The part-time, untrained and cowardly amateurs should be ashamed of themselves! However, there will be a Kearny Firefighter Awards Dinner giving the failed heroes undeserved token awards for alleged bravery. ALMOST saving someone doesn't count!!
  23. Fire - No video

    Barney, Have they taken away your bullets yet?
  24. Water Smell

    So what was the water smell from. Is our water safe to drink?
  25. Agreed, Harrison, East Newark, Kearny.
  26. Barney is now bringing his sad story to Harrison. Barney is a cop that hates his job. His dream was to join the ranks of Kearny's bravest, the KFD. But poor Barney couldn't make the grade and now can't control his bitterness. Sad.
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