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  2. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2020/02/kearny-to-consider-ban-on-single-use-plastic-bags.html Kearny passing a ban on plastic bags. How about the Mayor and Council concentrate on stopping the methane and hydrogen sulfide gas coming out of Keegan. The Methane alone is higheset contributed to climate change. Not the plastic bags people need to get their groceries home.
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    Kearny Police Dept

    Wow, look at these salaries, good for them but bad for Kearny. police captain- $159,384 police Lieutenant-$141,674 police sergeant- $ 118,742 Change is needed!!
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  6. Lawyer's get ready for another payday anything to distract people away from a Keegan Landfill failure created by Mayor Santos for allowing this to open 10 years ago. Remember this in June Taxpayer's
  7. New Board Members nothing changed sad they don;t see this guy abusing the system big pension taking a job away from someone who could really use it. DISGRACEFUL. People voted for change and for fairness nothing has changed.
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    AG Needs to Come To Indict in Harrison

    I'm surprised they weren't indicted for using the federal money meant for the children to go to broadway shows and to pay Councilman Huaranga who didn't do any work. There was an article in the Observer some time back. I guess you can steal and get away with it.
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    AG Needs to Come To Indict in Harrison

    It is a long time in coming.
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    AG Needs to Come To Indict in Harrison

    There are a lot of things the AG needs to look at in this town. I tip my hat to the AG as he doesn't care who is who or how they are connected he takes them down. Start writing, keep writing, call his office or bring it to the media.
  11. Good luck and I hope you run!
  12. The. Sign on ridge Rd and the pike is stating , the pike is route 507......it. Should be route 7 ....route 507 is Passaic Ave...(river. Rd).
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    AG Needs to Come To Indict in Harrison

    he needs to get caught
  14. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2020/01/former-jersey-city-rec-department-manager-charged-with-stealing-80k-in-payroll-scheme-authorities.html A story out of Jersey City. Recreation head has family fill 5 jobs seasonal work but family members are no show or low show employees. In Harrison, Superintendent of School James Doran, gets a new job made out of thin air, the job title didn't exist, so that he is not subject to the salary cap. The Superintendent's job is then filled and Doran continues to call the shots out his new no-show job as Director of Personnel. There was never a Director of Personnel job Isn't this thief of money for the difference between capped Superintendent salary and new Superintendent salary plus the cost of the new Superintendent's job which is not necessary and basically got a low-show job. No decisions were made by the new Superintendent. Easy case with one interview.
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    Mangin was Right and Santos was wrong. Read the above statement by then Councilman Jim Mangin and how on the money it is. He said 10 years and in fact its now 15 years but the problem he predicted came to fruition in a bad way.
  16. Just came back from Trenton they still can,t believe what Beach Boy and Little Wayne and all the other spineless punks did at P.V.S.C. Hang your heads in shame you are leaders except for a hand full you are the ones that should have been fired stand up for the people that voted you in help us be the leaders you said you would be get your heads out of the sand we have waited long enough it is never going away Beach Boy and Little Wayne Baby Blue your pancakes are ready.
  17. SANTOS allowing this to open cost Kearny thousands and thousands of legal fees that we could of used for our recreation, public works, fire and police equipment but instead bad past decisions by this Mayor allowed this landfill to open and now he wants you to believe that he wanted it closed he wants you to forget that you have dealt with this smell for the last 10 years when if were allowed to remain closed we wouldn't have had to revisit and fight to close it today if SANTOS didn't re-open it in the first place REMEMBER KEARNY ON PRIMARY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Argyle resturant closed :(

    SO I recently learned that the Argyle restaurant closed on December 28, 2019 :( Saddened that Western Hudson county lost it's last Fish and Chip restaurant.
  19. Al Gore quote by Mayor Santos " I was for opening the Keegan Landfill before I supported closing it" Remember that Kearny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. That's why it was closed in the first place. SPIN CONTROL STARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Why Lawyers Love Santos ?

    That's a lie Mayor Taxes have increased every year you have Mayor here it comes folks the spin control network is starting with lies and more lies and more lies.Get your walking shoes on Al you Doyle and the gang have fight on your hands this year.
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    Why Lawyers Love Santos ?

    Two years running property taxes have decreased in Kearny due to the development. Do your homework. (not saying they aren't still high)
  23. Well if you want the mayor out that allowed the Keegan Landfill to open well congrats! That's happened. The thing has been in operations since the 1940's LMAO!!!
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    Christmas Tree this year ???

    That's because "Harrison/Kearny Senior" Forgets his meds then forgets which troll account he's posting on......Give him a break, Elderly Dementia is a Horrible thing.
  25. Town wide Primary effort in the works after the New Year Please have petitions for County Committee, Council, and Mayor ready to be picked up at Town Hall. Just want to make sure you have enough just a heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Why Lawyers Love Santos ?

    And the Keegan Landfill will close thank god for that and now the residents of Kearny can breathe without smell but one thing the public needs know is this Mayor Santos allowed this landfill to open in the first place which resulted in the need to pay legal fees in this fight which could have been avoided had he not allowed this to open in the first place. I would love to see the final legal bill for all the litigation the town went threw and what that money could have been used to better recreation, public works, beautification, Police and Fire equipment etc. Just remember this the next time this Mayor makes a decision that in the end has cost taxpayers a lot of tax money in legal fees.
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