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  2. A few of the high paid PVSC employees had a fantastic Christmas party. I stopped by for a bit. Wow, what a spread! Top shelf food & drinks, gifts for everyone and the celebration of another prosperous year ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿค‘. It's a great life for everyone. Nice fat raises coming in 2019. Damn life is good!! @the Hammer & Agency Observer: Are your parents going to allow you to host a pitiful Christmas party in the basement? I realize you have no friends but you can invite mommy, daddy and your still unemployed welfare lifestyle friends that were discarded like trash from the shit factory. Maybe your good friend Murphy will stop by the basement? Maybe he will offer you a job? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ Don't spend all your food stamp money on chips, soda and spam. New welfare rules are going to force you to pick-up garbage off the streets in 2019 to keep your checks coming. See you out on the street! ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ๐Ÿšฎ
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    Commercial Vehicles

    How come the town will do nothing about the Town Truck with no decals parked on William St.? bad enough he uses it to drive his girlfriend around and for personal use but he is now backing into peoples cars damaging them with the lift gate. I was told by another resident in the house next door that he parks his personal car in the high school. Who do you call on this matter?
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    how did you get in? shouldn't you be on patrol while on company time?
  5. guess you have a lot of time on your hands sitting around in your Tahoe
  6. It is well over do time for the hammer to drop Beach Boy and little Wayne hurt to many people that did nothing wrong. Now you can see all the bad things that are going wrong for them. And just to remind you Wayne is just as guilty as Beach Boy. So looser Guest Guest start pounding the sidewalks and fiend your self a Job.And by the way all the good jobs are gone good luck looser and Happy Holidays.
  7. No Chief of Staff for CHRISTIE trying to cover it by saying he didn't want it. " WHY MARY PAT WHY!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME NOBODY WANTS ME "!!!!!!! TRUMP played with you and dangled the MEATBALL on a string and he jumped but couldn't get it. Face facts CHRIS nobody wants you and you are a nothing now and people on the street are saying CHRIS WHO!!!! and Karma is setting in on you for what you and WAYNE FOREST did with your SPINELESS and HEARTLESS acts against innocent people. Governor Murphy knows what you did to 200 PVSC employees and their families. The KARMA is real and you are getting everything you deserve and its not over for you and WAYNE as investigations will start at PVSC and my understanding is the GOVERNOR is paying a personal visit to PVSC and the Director will lay out the red carpet for him in hopes of keeping his job NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things will start happening at the start of the New Year and I believe a great Xmas gift would be Justice for the 200 employees that were treated like DOGS who will finally get their day in court.
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    Gas Station Robbery

    The gas station on Belgrove and Passaic Avenue was held up.
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    Harrison Next

    Can't wait. Can't come soon enough.
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    Cops working alone

    There are two cops on each shift, at least. I don't know where you both got that information from but, check your sources first.
  11. @ the worker: I'm really sad for your pathetic life. You're always ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ. Chris, Wayne and myself are ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค‘. It's a wonderful world. Merry Christmas unemployed boy! HAHAHAHA
  12. You just don,t see the future do you Yo! Yo! you do not realize what a dummy you sound like every time you make a comment that it is negative about the PERS and Fire Man workers.I don.t know what your problem is but we all have are jobs or are already retired . If you don,t making some positive changes in your life you are going to wing up on the poor farm for the rest of you life or the nut house.It is not to late to change why don,t you give it a good honest try maybe your live will be a lot more happier not the negative useless uniformed loser of person you are now come on give it a try good will always win over evil.I am rooting for you be a winner get out of that mud hole you live in stop being such a looser and negative person!
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  14. For sure these new buildings made of pressboard plywood aren't lasting as long as the turn of the century buildings still standing in Harrison. Why these Developers don't even use real plywood and got with the cheapest materials. Metal 1st floor and then 2x4's and pressboard plywood and beams made with glue which light up quick is just plan stupid. If it's a condo you are selling to be someone else's problem I understand but if you are keeping these to rent apartments why not doing to last.
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    Cops working alone

    you are 100% correct about one man shifts crazy surprised something bad hasn't happened yet. The safety of the cops working alone as well this is insane oh and one more thought the Chief Of police is NEVER around but the MAYOR is ok with him stealing time and money from the tax payers great choice mayor can't wait until both of you are gone maybe then we can get things running right around here.
  16. โ€œI donโ€™t think these buildings will be around in 40 years. Theyโ€™ll collapse and be maintenance problems,โ€ says Paglia. โ€œWeโ€™ll remember the small sliver of good architecture being built today.โ€ https://www.curbed.com/2018/12/4/18125536/real-estate-modern-apartment-architecture
  17. You lost your job. Half of rhe country have probably lost a job in one way or another in their life. The difference is that 99% of those people have found employment within a year. You choose to cry and pretend you're a victim so people will feel sorry for you. Guess what? Nobody cares! You should have thought about finishing school or learning a trade instead of counting in mommy & daddy getting you a lifetime job as a shit factory scientist. You're a huge failure and it's your own fault. Crawl out of the basement and find a job or continue your fabulous welfare lifestyle. Happy Holidays! ๐Ÿ˜
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    Christie vs. Murphy

    @Agency Observer: You and the rest of the Unemployable cry everyday about losing your job at the shit factory. Mommy & Daddy used all their juice to get into the shit factory and you blew it. Now you are on welfare and back in the basement. No skills, no education, no prospects, no friends, no hope, no money and so on. Governor Christie is a multimillionaire. Multiple homes, luxury vehicles and the best food he wants anytime he wants. Mr. Forrest has same luxury lifestyle. They deserve only the best and are living the dream. ๐Ÿค‘ That will never change! Your hero scumbag Governor Murphy, who you still think is going to help you, hired a rapist ahead of you and your friends that got booted from the shit factory. He would hire people coming out of prison before you. That's how much he thinks if you! ๐Ÿ˜‚ His own job is on the line because he uses taxpayer money to support a high paid rapist over a courageous woman whose voice has been powerful. I noticed you skipped over that sickening rape and cover up because you enjoy being the fake victim of an unjust world. You think you were treated worse than her. You ๐Ÿ˜ญ about your lowlife situation but think covering up for a rapist is ok. You are a very disturbed person. You are not a victim! You deserve nothing! It's disgusting when someone like you begs for pity. Go to KFC and see if they will hire you to make chicken for Governor Christie. Minimum wage is more than you're making now. There are real victims in this world like rape survivors. It's sad when you think losing a job is worse and you contunue to support the people who cover it up. Shame on you!
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    Christie vs. Murphy

    The Biggest Loser of them all is CHRIS CHRISTIE, TRUMP kicked him to the CURB LOL and the guy is at his house right now with a bucket of fried chicken and extra mashed potatoes saying " WHAT HAPPENED MARY PAT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME" Well i'll tell you why ASSHOLE you are a selfish prick and TRUMP know's it and what you did to 200 employees has come back to bite you and its not over for you as investigations will start soon and you and your buddy SWEENEY will in the end get what you deserve and the employees of PVSC will get the justice they deserve and we haven't forgot about you WAYNE FOREST you will suffer the same result and lets hope you have your I's dotted and your T's crossed because legal fees pile up pretty quick WAYNE looking forward in seeing you sweat and get what you deserve. Laughing my ass off happy that they didn't make CHRISTIE AG. CHRISTIE JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Teacher Signs Send the Wrong Message

    Just remember why there is no money to give the Teacher's, there's a long list of mistakes that have been made and the above post just cracks the surface as to what this Board did to this School District. Hope you Teacher's learned a valuable lesson. Elect smart people to the Board that will manage the taxpayer's money instead of wasting it.
  21. What happened to Beach Boy Mr A.G. looser who is going to be your hero now you just don,t get do you dummy why don,t you just go to work like a good little boy make some money for your self and become a productive american. Not the hate full bum that you are try to study and getting in shape for the next fireman's test not that you will pass but at least you can say you tried. Don.t just sit home and make fun of people that have been hurt remember misery loves company so a guess this makes you feel good about yourself but that is not how it works take a good look at yourself I know it won,t be easy but after that nightmare go get a life.
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    Christie vs. Murphy

    The Honorable former Governor Chris Christie was great man. He did tremendous good for the people of NJ. Most notably was ridding the taxpayers of leeches, moochers and political hacks from their no work & no show jobs at PVSC. The whole bunch were LOSERS! Murphy has declared open season on the rape & harrassment of the women of NJ. He even hires and pays rapists after their despicable act, covers up for them and keeps taxpayer money going into the scumbags pockets. The heroic testimony of a courageous women has gotten no support from the Democrats. I guess most don't want any attention that could expose their own crimes. Speak up cowards and DEMAND PRISON FOR ALL INVOLVED IN THIS SICKENING CRIME!!
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    Harrison Next

    Can't wait start with the ego maniac on William Street. Great dead end to park all the cars on and block the entrance. Then you can walk over a block and do the office at the same time.
  24. @Guest the Unemployable: It appears that your hero Murphy doesn't have such a bright future. Heroic rape survivor Katie Brennan has exposed the P.O.S. for not only covering up for her attacker but even hiring the scumbag rapist at an inflated salary. Let the depositions begin. Murphy will resign in disgrace! He and Alvarez can be prison butt buddies! Murphy and his rich scumbag friends have declared war on the women of NJ and that's a LOSER of a battle! The sexist, anti-feminist Murphy and rapist Albert Alvarez share the same scumbag motivations. They lust for power over anyone who gets in their way. NOT THIS TIME! You are a slightly different case because Murphy & Alvarez are rich garbage while you are poor unsightly gutter trash. It makes perfect sense that you idiolize the rapist and the enabler. This LOSER Murphy was your ace-in-the-hole hero to get a job but that's never gonna happen. The "L" on your forehead keeps getting bigger & brighter. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
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    Harrison Next

    Harrison Next
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    No Room on Path

    https://www.nj.com/news/2018/11/path-riders-are-used-to-the-overcrowding-now-commuters-say-its-getting-dangerous.html People who commute on PATH are accustomed to the crowded platforms, the packed trains and the mad rush to get onboard. In recent days, however, commuters say the commuter crush at PATH station platforms has become so bad it borders on being dangerous and unsafe. Overcrowding was reported by commuters Thursday on social media at PATHโ€™s Grove Street, Exchange Place, Newark Penn Station and Newport stations. The crowding and movement of the mass of people surging toward and away from packed trains left riders concerned for their safety and questioning how the PATH is handling crowd control. Some riders called it worse than the infamous crowding on the New York City subway. โ€œI was almost pushed onto the tracks this morning at Exchange Place. The platform was so crowded it was seriously dangerous,โ€ said Natasha Markley in a tweet. โ€œBeyond the delays, the threat to safety is totally unacceptable.โ€
  27. A New York jury has awarded a Harrison police officer and his children $13 million in a malpractice suit he filed in 2012 after his wife died days after undergoing surgery in Manhattan. Cheryl Raefski, 43, underwent surgery to remove a polyp from her colon at NYU Langone Medical Center in November 2011 but surgeon Dr. Christian Hirsch did not realize he burned a portion of her small bowel during the procedure, according to a report in The New York Post. Raefski was in excruciating pain and on powerful pain medication after the surgery, but Hirsch did not order a CAT scan until four days later. The scan detected a severe infection. Before doctors could operate, Raefski died of septic shock, The Post reported. Her husband -- Harrison Police Officer Darren Raefski -- sued the doctor and the Manhattan jury took less than a day to award his family $13 million. The couple's children, Madison, 17, and twins Kyle and Paige, 13, will get $3 million each and the father will get the remainder, according to the report. "I take care of you now, but your mother did a better job than I did because she's still taking care of you," Raefski told his children after the verdict, The Post reported. Darren Raefski, a 24-year veteran of the department, made the news in 2016 after making a daring arrest in the case of a stolen truck.
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