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    Mayor Santos on Keegan Landfill

    Mayor Santos on the Keegan Landfill. Love this video.
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  4. It is the old what goes around comes around happens when you are a low life like yourself but you know that because you know everything but guess what you don,t and you make fun of good people that got got hurt very bad for nothing but doing there job so just remember low life the word is called KARMA and it is on it,s way.
  5. Is Karma the name of a digital currency that you are hoping to hit the lottery to get you out of the basement? If not, you're looking at a long summer sleeping on that old dusty couch. I'm sure mommy's had enough of your crazy rants about Wayne & Chris. Save up for a cheap beach chair to sleep in the backyard to give mommy a break. Put a cardboard "Hamptons" sign in the yard and pretend you're on vacation. 😂🤣 I saw Wayne and new BMW is awesome! Keep waiting by the Obama ☎️ for that big 💸job that Murphy's getting you. 😁 It might not happen so don't give up the lucrative can collecting empire just yet.
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    Board of Ed Failures

    This town education system needs new faces and not family related to politicians sitting on the board
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  8. Nice answer from someone who doesn't live in this area.Contracted Buses have a lot where they park their buses. The issue is, this is not what this parking lot was supposed to be used for and there are many other places these buses can park that will not cause an eyesore to the people in the area. Any other commercial vehicles that park in that lot would be subject to a summons. Also let me remind you that we pay taxes and belongs to the taxpayers which by the way pay your salary, it doesn't belong to the teacher's so don't think for one minute your doing us taxpayers a favor by letting us park there at night. We pay enough in taxes and I find it insulting that you would be selfish to think that this lot is only for teachers. Buses can be parked behind Scyhuler School where their is plenty of parking.
  9. Voice your concerns on the next board meeting!
  10. It’s not a residential parking area. It’s BOE property that residents use at night. Teachers park there during the day. If the school buses can’t park on school property, where should they park?
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    Quick Check Video

    https://www.nj.com/news/2019/02/quick-check-this-woman-into-anger-management-shoppers-destructive-tirade-in-nj-quickchek-goes-viral.html The Harrison Police didn't release her name. Must be connected to someone in Harrison. Every police department in New Jersey releases anyone over 18 years old when involved in an incident or motor vehicle stop. Harrison Police need to release her name so we all know who she is. Uncalled for behavior. If she walked out without paying, isn't that shoplifting and should be charged as well.
  12. To the hard working Taxpayers that live around Kearny High School this is what they think about your concerns with buses parked in a residential parking plaza. We'll park where we want so F-*
  13. Karma Little Man Karma!!! Just around the bend never fails.
  14. The walls are closing in on you low life loser of a A$$HOLE and the clock is ticking and the $HIT SHOW will expose all the bad that was done by CHRISTIE and FOREST and the final chapter will be written by our Great Governor Phil Murphy and with book sales in the dumps for A$$HOLE CHRIS CHRISTIE and TRUMP KICKING HIS A$$ TO THE CURB. I am happy to say "LET ME FINISH" there will be something to answer for what was done at PVSC and I only hope that you are a part of the house cleaning that is going to take place because how you ever lasted where you are is amazing and the people who hired you must have been the most BRAINLESS individuals on this earth. But you being a CHRISTIE A$$KISSER it makes sense. BYE- BYE A$$HOLE your computer will turn off soon because of lack of payment. LOL LOL LOL
  15. @Hammer and the worker: I know you are busy deciding what gifts💝 to get Chris and Wayne for Valentine's day. Instead, get mommy a🌹because she is really not happy with you living in her basement, eating her food, crying😭 into her towels and so many other pathetic oddities attributed to defeated ex-PVSC 💩🏠 losers. Maybe send Phil Murphy a card for getting you that high paying job?😂🤣 It would be more personal to go to their homes and scrub the 💩 stains from their toilets🚽. It's the thought that counts and what you do best. Get to scrubbing boys!
  16. This high school has no respect for the people who pay your salary Lazy bus drivers don't want to move to a place where they should be shame on them.
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    Board of Ed Failures

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    Board of Ed Failures

    I will look into it!
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    Board of Ed Failures

    You think Kearny's bad. Look at Harrison https://homeroom5.doe.state.nj.us/ethics/discforms.php?c=17;d=2060;s=204535;dl=20180201
  20. Breaking the law seems to be an ongoing practice with many working for this district????????????????????
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    Board of Ed Failures

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    Board of Ed Failures

    Have you checked the police and fire departments lately? If you're so interested in relatives, give them a look see!
  23. Hopefully mayor santos grows a pair of balls!
  24. To our Residents surrounding Kearny High School School Buses are considered Commercial Vehicles and by ordinance shouldn't be parked on or in a residential area. This is a violation of the ordinance and tickets should be issued on a daily basis no overlooking just because its a school bus these buses should be in a commercial parking area. The Board knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Board of Ed Failures

    The town had a chance to change things. But, the same people were elected and continue to be elected. Want to go in the right direction, start voting in new board members.
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    Observer Cover Keegan Landfill

    Observer article on Illegal dumping
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