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  2. Its sad that a Christie loyalist like Director Tramontozzi who represented Wayne Forest in the heartless and cruel display of throwing 200 employees out on the street for no reason is still there and the commissioners that were signed off by CHRISTIE and more or less gave the finger to Governor Murphy to say we don't care what you think and we will do what we want and i'm quite surprised that the Governor hasn't put up a better fight to urge these commissioners to rid themselves of all the CHRISTIE TRASH with TRAMONTOZZI being the first go and escorted out like trash the way he did to the 200
  3. 2nd ward will be challenged
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    Street Cleaning

    the sweeper doesn't clean crap they pass and every things still in the street. the storm drain is full of leaves and garbage i see residents clean them off when we are getting a storm. there are always two ticket people riding on top of each other flying around corners speeding. sad how things are in town anymore
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    Crossing guards

    At least they are out there doing there job unlike others in the town sitting home collecting a check.
  6. Anyone running against this administration?
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    Did LA Fitness pay off?

    Prince Phillip of Trenton is allowing gyms that have pools let their members take showers,giving these gyms a competitive advantage of individually owned gyms.Some green stuff other than chlorine must have been transmitted into Biden's campaign coffers.Even King's Court can't afford to open.
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    Crossing guards

    Really I Guess Maybe You Applied For A School Crossing Guard Job And They Turned You Down Wow wow !!
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    Executive Assistant-Kearny BOE $100k

    Time for her to go. find another snitch
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    Crossing guards

    Schools are not opening, why do we have to have crossing guards on every corner and please don’t tell me it’s for the kids to go get a lunch and breakfast because there’s no kids out to getting it, the parents that do, and we do not need crossing guards for the parents to go get the kids lunch.
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    HPD Suspension

    The Lt. Will officially retire of Sept. 1, 2020. with a pensions. This resolves the matter.
  12. Mr Fryer how may we contact you?
  13. We need new council for 4th ward
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    With the storm approaching May everyone be safe.
  15. The movement has started petitions will be collected and everyone is on notice change is coming and it couldn't come soon enough. What's at stake lose the election lose your county jobs.
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    Street Cleaning

    The last COVID update on the town website was on March 30, 2020. It indicated there were 415 cases of the virus and 22 deaths. I wonder what the number is now since we were forced out of our homes to move our cars for street cleaning
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    He needs an unmarked vehicle to pick up the envelopes.
  18. Time for change..Mayor Santos did the best he can do, but it’s time for a different administration to take over with new ideas/strategies
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    Schools Closed

    Let open schools in September doing it the right way. The teachers are crying about coming back into the buildings. It’s amazing how they can go places other than work and it’s not an issue for them. Toughing up you all hit the Powerball when you got the jobs. Time to earn your pay.
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    John Street becomes golf course

    Usain Bolt retired early after seeing those people with the handicapped plates emerge from their cars.
  21. High Taxes, Less services, Mayor and Council feathering their own nests with County Jobs. Layoffs across the board are coming so get ready for the backlash Mayor because all of you are on notice.There will be challenges to your seats next year as a movement has started and the people of Kearny we have had enough of one direction rule where Council Members just wait for you to nod your head and they all say at once yes sir what ever you say sir well the taxpayers of this town are fed up with you and your followers and the town is ready for change. So Mayor buckle up 2021 will be an interesting
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    When is someone going to fix the flooding on Frank Rodgers. When I got the sales pitch that was never mentioned.
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    All he does is drive around/so him driving around in N.ARL.
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    fed up in N.A.

    As everyone is struggling to survive financially, to hear of the raises North Arlington township is a disgrace and a travesty. Especially the ******* raise. As a person in charge of ********** ,this is a joke, and truly a slap and a finger to the residents of North Arlington. There is way to much political spending in N.A.as always, and for a small position such as the lack of recreation in N.A. is outrageous. It is time to clean house with all of them especially starting with the Mayor on down. Stand up N.A. and vote for the opposite of what we have in there now... Lets t
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