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  2. Insignificant. Barney must have a very dull life.
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  4. 8. Kearny, Hudson County Number of pepper spray uses: 36 Percent of force used: 22.64 Capt. Timothy Wagner, head of internal affairs for the department, said he was not sure if the numbers were accurate because officers may have filled out the actions of other officers in an incident. "It might be a good training topic to start with," he said. All uses of force are reviewed by multiple officers, but he said there have been zero instances of pepper spray-related misconduct during his time there. He believes pepper spray can be helpful to prevent more severe harm. "Usually (pepper spray) issues resolve an hour later, versus if you're wrestling with someone that could cause permanent injury," he said.
  5. I see that mommy put the power back on in the basement and the Obama phone is charged up. Perhaps a few shit canned ex -PVSC losers can perform a re-enactment of the day they were kicked to the curb. The freezing weather adds a nice touch. You can fix up the basement to make it look like the shit factory where you performed unskilled labor. Mommy can dress up like Christie and throw you out into the street in front of the house. I'd love front row seats! The misfit cast of losers can hold their hurting asses and B**ch about life while the audience sips hot chocolate and laughs. πŸ˜‚ Wayne can make a guest appearance and sign autographs. It will be the greatest off Broadway's spectacular of all time. T
  6. The Spinning Wheel is on the wright track it is coming your way Yo! Yo! the more you mock the faster it spins and its loaded with the Karma you deserve good luck with that it couldn't happen to a nicer person like you low life PUNK! .
  7. If true why are we not honoring by mourning the loss of former Councilman Donald MacMillan. I didn't see any purple and black hanging from Town Hall. This has been tradition for years in Kearny did you forget Mayor or is it because he is a Republican? No Class Santos!!!!!!
  8. Please contact the EPA and your state representatives. If you drive down the block that was referenced in the Observer, you can smell for yourself. It smells like sewage and sulfur in the air and the stench seems to be coming from the water flooding the curbs as well.
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    Well if you don't go to the meeting and find out, it will probably take you a good long time to actually see the minutes. September is the most recent minutes they have posted. https://www.kearnyschools.com/domain/44
  10. The wheel is starting to spin lots of hurtful things being said to workers that where hert very bad by Beach Boy and Little Wayne now we have the spineless fake punk rubbing it in the even more what kind of animal would do that I hope you are having fun because the wheel is on its way to you big man and when it stops you will have to pay the price its called Karma good luck I would not like to be in your shoes you are a very bad person and history always repeats itself.
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    Hello, just wondering if anyone knows the reason(agenda) for the Special Board of Ed meeting being held at 5:30pm tonight? Thanks
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  13. http://www.theobserver.com/2019/01/what-the-smell-is-that-odor-in-kearny/ Here is the link to the article on Keegan Landfill. This Landfill should never have been open and should be closed immediately.
  14. The Observer now has a story on the Keegan Landfill and the smell taking over Kearny.
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    The shit canned, kicked to the curb ex-PVSC shit factory losers have not publicly cried on this forum for a few days. They also haven't defended the Governor Murphy rape/cover-up administration in a few days. They hate women! Did someone cut off their Obama phones? Did mommy cut off power to the basement? I'm so concerned. πŸ™„ If anyone sees a suspected vagrant wondering the streets cursing the names Christie or Forrest DO NOT APPROACH! It may well be an ex-PVSC shit house zombie who will bite you and turn you into an unskilled, unemployed complaining zero of a human.
  16. Thank you for admitting that you are a spineless RAT have fun at the supper bowl and try not to get beat up PUNK!
  17. The sand dial is running out for you and you just may be allowed to watch the Super Bowl from the recreation room in Jail with all the other ball licking ass kissers who sucked up to CHRISTIE and the final chapter will be written and you will be crying "what did I do mommy why is this happening to me mommy" Legal fees get pretty expense start saving your money don't buy those Super Bowl tickets just yet. LOL LOL LOL
  18. The Fat Rat is living large. The Fat Rats pockets are full and the Fat Rat is living the dream. The Fat Rat got great Superbowl tickets! The Honorable Chris Christie and Wayne Forrest are doing great! Lotta cold hard cash πŸ€‘πŸ’΅πŸ’°to spare. Now let's switch to the disgruntled, unemployable, unskilled zeroes like the Worker. He's still in mommy's basement and the welfare might be cut off. The basement Superbowl party on the 13 inch black & white TV might be cancelled. πŸ˜‚ The 12 pack of cheap beer is in peril. The economy bag of chips from Walmart might stay on the shelf. 🀣 I doubt that cover up boy Murphy or his rapist friend will show up. The brave woman who is a survivor of the sexual assault and cover up is suing for millions πŸ€‘. There's a lot more bad news headed the violent criminals and corrupt Democratic machines way. Could there be additional victims of the short lived corrupt Murphy administration? The ex-PVSC LOSERS are still hopelessly watching the phone hoping the high paying political job is coming. NOT! 😁
  19. It's no surprise that you think Murphy is an honest man because you're just like him (minus the money). Both of you have no conscience and believe that covering-up for a rapist who sexually assaulted a wonderful woman is a doing the right thing. You are delusional in thinking he's going to get you a job. Murphy could care less about a few absolute losers who have been unemployed for 7 years. You got humiliated and dumped by an illegal alien boss which makes you a smelly crap and smell worse by the day. Murphy certainly doesn't know your name! πŸ˜‚ Meanwhile , Chris, Wayne and I are shopping for Superbowl tickets. $10,000 per seat. Who cares? That's nothing to us. It's a great life! Word of advice: Don't spend your whole welfare check on the game. HAHAHAHA MAAAAAMEEEEEE!
  20. Poor Guest Guest the N.J. Rat Gov Murphy is a real and honest man he and the A.G will set the record strait of the crime that happened at P.V.S.C..So when this happens then you can answer with all your correct punctuation but always remember you don,t make fun of people when there down the right thing to do is try to help them but then again you are a spineless punk and Rat!
  21. I love this. NJ Sports Exposition Authority literally opens up this dump which was imfamous for taking everything from NJ and NY without consideration to its impact on the environment. They don't even know what's in there and now there is such a toxic pollution in the area including Kearny and Harrison and the sports authority does its own testing to see how bad the air is. Really? we let the fox into the hen coup and let him report on if any chickens are missing. This falls on Mayor Santos' lap and the attorney who should be sued for malpractice for letting them take this property from Kearny and dupping Mayor Santos into opening up with a promise of money and a golf course. The Mayor should be out protesting with his yellow jacket and have the council members join him.
  22. The highest paid RATS in NJ just got a big raise for 2019. Make it rain baby πŸ€‘πŸ’°πŸ’΅ ! No investigations, no indictments and no problems. Murphy has waved the white flag on corruption because he's complicit in it. How is he gonna throw shade on anyone else while his administration has sided with a rapist over the women of NJ? God has certainly blessed good people like Chris and Wayne. It's unbelievable that some people that got thrown to the curb like bags of trash from the PVSC shit house are still unemployed. Mommy must have sprung for a space heater and hot plate for the basement at Christmas. Keep rolling with the welfare lifestyle. Keep believing that you are a victim. Don't worry, be happy...Murphy is going to get the few remaining zeroes high paying political jobs πŸ™„πŸ˜. Make sure Murphy has your Obama phone digits. The call is coming πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…!
  23. Since the 24th of December and continuing this morning, the area between Bergen Avenue to Quincy Avenue on Schuyler Avenue continues to smell like sewerage and waste. You have to keep calling the Keegan Landfill Odor Complaint hotline so that they can keep sending out technicians to test for quality. " The complaint hotline number is (201) 817-9844. ( http://www.kearnynj.org/node/2373)
  24. Story on Keegan Landfill from 2005. How we wish that former Councilman Jim Mangin's statements were heard and acted upon.
  25. 200 employees thrown out like garbage for doing nothing wrong because of two men who's self interest was above everything. CHRISTIE and FOREST were able to enhance their careers with their SPINELESS and HEARTLESS attacks against innocent people. Is their a chance these employees can get their jobs back and correct this reckless act committed by these two selfish individuals maybe not, but we can sure try and allow these employees some resolve and dignity in finding out 1) What was the purpose in hurting so many lives? 2) Was the motive clearly an opportunity by CHRISTIE and FOREST to advance their own personal agenda? 3) Governor Murphy's office need to look if the Agency by CHRISTIE'S ACTION was able to maintain quality service with 200 less employees and were their any health risks to the public? 4) If an investigation is done by the Attorney General could their be criminal charges brought against CHRISTIE and FOREST? Governor Murphy is very aware what was done to these employees and his actions will and I MEAN WILL get to why this happened and hopefully these two individuals brought to justice for their cruel and heartless acts. The final chapter is yet to written and the ending won't look good for FOREST or CHRISTIE.
  26. L O S E R! Fake victim! Read your own post. You can't spell or make a complete sentence. No education at all! You have in large capital letters the wrong version of "threw " The correct version is "through." You are the perfect example of someone who cannot get a job on your own. Mommy & daddy got you into the shit factory as charity to get you the heck out of their basement and you cannot keep the manual labor job. Go back to school. Stupid and unemployed for 7 years is really pathetic but amusing. Why won't your hero Murphy help you? Happy New Year ZERO! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  27. Judgement Day will be coming very soon so BUCKLE UP CHRISTIE/SWEENEY ASS KISSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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