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    Kearny High School Policy

    The BOE has every right to regulate “clubs” within the schools, but they have no say in how private clubs, such as the Kardinal Booster Club, for one, operates. Although the “outside” of school clubs always extended a certain amount of curtesy to the school district and always kept them informed as to what the club and/or clubs were planning.
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    Executive Assistant-Kearny BOE $100k

    That's nothing, the waste of tax dollars and corruption continues. Instead of money being used for Education........teachers, programs, classroom supplies, etc., this corrupt Super and her bobbing head Board just keep the family and friends program going at the taxpayer expense ! There is currently a Director of Plant Operations, he negotiated a very nice 5 year contract for himself with a very nice salary. He has an Assistant, who nobody knows what he does and is in ******* all the time. (side note: how does he, out of ALL the administrators have Tenure ????, its unheard of, but this is Kearny, thanks uncle *) So now, at the last BOE meeting, they hire ANOTHER Assistant to the Director of Plant Operations, with a 6 figure salary, but do nothing with the other assistant. You now have 2 guys hired for the same position. At least the Board hiring creates more diversity, the supervisor from maintenance who got the job is classified. They also hired the ex-board member Jim Doran's son as a custodian, guess that explains why he stepped down, but he'll be back also, just waiting for his job. So remember the pain to get a contract teachers, it all depends on who you are, certainly not what you know.
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    Kearny High School Policy

    Can anyone tell me why there was a revision to the KBOE Policy regarding Booster Clubs? I have been told only one sentence was added about who is allowed to be executive members. I didn’t know that the Board of Education was in charge of the booster clubs.
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    Cap Keegan Landfill

    Barney isn't complaining about the landfill. Barney just wants to be Barney the cop and hide in the firehouse. Barney is Barney but doesn't realize he's Barney the cop.
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    Cap Keegan Landfill

    It's tough to rally citizens with a toxic, mud-slinging rant. The governor is not a weasel, he's a human being just like you. You should learn to treat people the way that you want them to treat you. Ask yourself if complaining and insulting your elected representatives on a forum that only town employees read is going to stop the emissions. After that ask yourself how you can be a better person. Then, just be a better person and do something constructive instead of being a subversive, faceless, and nameless wrecking ball with no swing whatsoever.
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    Smith gets his clock run. Goodbye **** ***.
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    Cap Keegan Landfill

    How incredible is it that democratic Governor Murphy is silent on the Keegan Landfill. A millionaire who is afraid of his wall street buddies losing money on defaulted bonds from the NjSEA who is in court fighting the capping of a landfill who they negligently possibly criminally operated and the Waste Management Company who nobody is talking about is involved. The residents have set up a Facebook page Kearny Complaints for Smell at the beginning of the year. What they should have called it was Kearny Complaints of Toxic Gas. This is insane with reading of 1100 ppb and others of 2000+ ppb of hydrogen sulfide. We are 10 miles from NYC and less from Newark and Jersey City. The Governor, the weasel that he is, has not come to Kearny. Refused to Answer Questions on Keegan. His DEP Commissioner is silent, she will get indicted along with Murphy. The NJSEA commissioners including some promiennt folks like the co-founder of Bobby Brown Cosmetics which is now part of Loretta Cosmetics is on the board of NJSEA. They refuse to answer questions at meetings. Another Commissioner is a Union Leader. He is interested in jobs at the American Dream Mall. The Mall is a 16 year project bankrupting NJSEA. Yet another is a Vietnam Vet who probably never saw combat otherwise he would be concerned about the Agent Orange of West Hudson, hydrogen sulfide. Yet another is a law enforcement officer who doesn't see that he is committing a crime by going along with the Chairman and the President of NJSEA. Vincent Prieto, the plumber turned inspector turned head of the NJSEA after being taken out of Assembly job. He does as told or he will lose his 280,000 mob. A refugee from Cuban who is participating in the poisoning of residents a la Castro style. Maybe we should deport him to Cuba since he obviously is not smart enough to see the irony in what he is doing.
  10. Barney thinks he's Mangin. Barney thinks he's Santos. Barney is only Barney the cop who don't know he's Barney.
  11. Follow the money. The Feds need to follow the money.
  12. No, but Santos is to blame
  13. I guess Mangin was correct. Has the Mayor reached out to apologize to Mangin?
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    Harrison Next

    I hope they do come they can see all the corrupt things that go on that nobody knows about. Keep giving out of town people jobs I guess they are all ready to pack it in and don't need votes anymore.
  15. Hay Baby blue now that all the kids will be in school next week looks like you are going to be alone all week in your basement. Maybe you can ask Beach boy or little Wayne to get you a job as a street sweeper but you would screw even that up to. So I guess its back to the basement for another winter YO! YO!. While the real men go to work not watch T.V. and play video games all day.
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    Harrison PATH parking

    Hi, Does anyone know the name of the parking lot at the PATH Train in Harrison, the big one outdoor one, not the one with the parking garage. I am trying to find out the monthly parking rate for this lot
  17. Good bye mayor santos!!!
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    Harrison Next

    Almost every one hired in town are related in some way to another employee or a politican. It is not qualifications. It is who you know. The Board of Education appointed by Mayor Fife continue to renew teacher contracts for person who are not qualified. The secretary makes more than a teacher. Teachers are intimidated to support the Democratic party.
  19. Going down every Sunday
  20. This Union did nothing in stopping CHRISTIE and FOREST from dismantling this AGENCY. These hardworking dues paying EMPLOYEES were thrown out like dogs and this UNION did nothing to stop it. Now is the time that they should be SHAMED for taking their money and doing nothing in fighting CHRISTIE and FOREST in trying to save their jobs. Who runs this UNION he or she should be ashamed of themselves.
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    Harrison Next

    maybe they can find out why all these people who don't live in town are getting jobs
  22. The response below was from Councilman James Mangin on July 2, 2005 on this discussion forum which explained his position on reopening the Keegan Landfill. Yes 14 years ago. Mayor Santos did not listen and here we are today fighting to close the landfill. Quote from prior Post on KOTW You need to check your facts. The 1992 plan to re-open Keegan was the exact same concept as today's. There were plans to include a leachate collection system (like today) which would be transmitted via a KMUA feed to Passaic Valley (like today) and trucks would access via the Bergen Ave extension (just like today). Don't believe me? I'll send you a copy of the videotape of the public hearing from 1992. You say there were "no thoughts to recovering the land," - wrong again. The 1992 plan was to open the area to development once Keegan was finally and properly closed. Today's plan is to turn the Keegan area into a recreational facility once properly closed. You are correct about no money being set aside for the Town. But, the 1992 plan didn't shift the liability for closing Keegan to the Town of Kearny like today's plan does. That means that if the escrow fund falls short (which it surely will) the Town will have to pick up the tab to properly close the landfill. Big difference from 1992 - and one that should be red flag to anyone to Kearny. This plan is nothing more than a short-term infusion of cash with a huge price-tag down the road. A plan, not unlike the decision in the 1960's to allow dumping in the first place, where money comes in right now and everyone's happy. But the long term consequences impact our health and our pocketbook. Right now there are "responsible parties" that, according to the law, are required to pay for the proper closing of Keegan. And those parties have a lot more money than the Town of Kearny. Why should we have to pay their bill? Jim Mangin
  23. Harrison Senior is just Barney. He's jealous of Governor Murphy.
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    What an amazing post from 2005 (over 14 years ago). It's all about the money and look where we are now. This is all thanks to many of the current elected official of the Town of Kearny.
  25. Can we change the subject here. Let's get off this sewer train. Let's talk about the landslide our President Trump is going to win.
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    Hudson County corruption

    The movie producers are greasing ****** and Doran with renting out their Harrison Realty office to shoot their movie. The movie producer has a budget for compensating the neighbors for not accessing their properties and businesses not to mention taking up all the parking spaces which are needed after a hard days work but the producers save on that but give it to the Doran. Fife too worked for Harrison Realty. The Doran connection. Corruption at its best. Sell the streets of Harrison for money in your pocket.
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