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  2. The streets are empty and the town is answering the call to remain indoors. Great Job keep it up before you know it this will be over soon. Give yourself a hand you deserve it!!!!!!!!!
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    HPD Suspension

    ***** guy
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  5. Check the Town of Harrison Web site push the red dot you’ll see the updated numbers Mayor Fife is kicking ass and taking names. God Bless Him
  6. North Hudson opening test site's what about West Hudson come on Mayor get with the program get a test site open for the safety of Kearny residents.
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    HPD Suspension

    They are trying to keep this suspension quiet. The Officer has hired a lawyer and is fighting. They will have to give him a hearing and it will be interesting whether they are seeking termination or ask him to retire.
  8. Mayor Fife and Superintendent Doran are withholding information from the public. They have now released number of persons testing positive for virus but have not provided age, occupation, treating or quarantined at home information. State and Federal law requires it.
  9. Check your phone he is absolutely doing what needs to be done as of 3/31 twenty eight cases in Harrison confirmed. Harrison isn’t CNN where they give out fake news. A lot is going on have some patience.
  10. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/03/where-is-the-coronavirus-in-nj-latest-map-update-on-county-by-county-cases-march-29-2020.html Mayor James Fife's conduct in not reporting Coronvirus cases is irresponsible and criminal. His recent belated letter says there are cases but provides no number of persons infected or describes generally who the persons are and what part of town they reside. In article above NJ.com doesn't even have the number of cases. Zero per NJ.com which is not true.
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    HPD Suspension

    A ***** elected Harrison Councilwoman from the ***. ward has filed a harassment complaint against a ******* Harrison Police *** The ** with over ** years on the force has been suspended by the Chief pending a formal hearing.
  12. Why would we want people who think they have Coronavirus coming to Kearny to get tested? The coronavirus testing centers are Drive Up centers by appointment. Make an appointment and go in your car. That protects the other public from getting contaminated. You can't use West Hudson Hospital former site for testing. It may become necessary to use it as a hospital for Coronavirus although I believe it has been converted into medical offices.
  13. West Hudson Hospital would be a great location for Kearny Residents to be tested and a push by Mayor Santos to at least try to encourage Governor Murphy to open a testing location in West Hudson with Kearny being able to provide a location in serving Kearny Residents and the surrounding towns. It's worth fighting for the health of our community.
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    Community Center

    Funny how she got the Town Hall Job when everyone else who applied for a town job was told there was a hiring freeze. Now she's at Community Ctr...what a joke
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    Is the fire department answering calls or only the St. Michael's ambulance service.
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    Community Center

    it is called political corruption. Harrison has a lot of it. It is not what you know, it is who your are related to and if you kiss butt or worse. She was given a job at town hall as a greeter. She should be laid off since town hall is shut down. But Mayor Fife is keeping her on so her husband Councilman Larry Bennett is a councilman and they need medical insurance. There is no thought about property taxpayers only political patronage. What's she doing at the Community Center? She did almost nothing at her desk in the hallway of Town Hall. Welcome to Harrison corruption.
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    Property Taxes Going Way Up

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    Give a shout out to our EMS who is on a daily basis on the front lines
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    Community Center

    Why is the lady from the Town Hall working in the Community Center? I guess when your hubby is a Councilman you get over smh
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    Taking Advantage

    Let’s get it together a lot of people are taking advantage of the Cov19. They run to the Doctors and get put out of work. s**k it up like the rest of us get to work
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    Corona virus

    Why can't they just deliver these lunches to the kids here in town instead of them having to come out when everyone is suppose to be in quarantine ? They have crossing guards and cafeteria workers out when they should be in. I just dont understand the logic in all this. If they can deliver to the elderly and disabled why not the kids here in town ? But let's have our kids venture out during a worldwide epidemic
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    The 1158 union s**ks they do nothing for nobody. Bunch of scam artist filling their pockets and doing nothing for the people.
  23. Just be glad you are out of there from what i have been told and what I understand the place is nothing but garbage and being run into the ground by the current administration. You think what Fat Boy did was bad what is going on there now is just as bad. The amount of gang members hired have people retiring left and right. Corruption Valley.
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    Gardens security guard

    Thank God!
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    Corona virus

    My question is how many kids are showing up for this free breakfast and free lunch? Do you realize that not only are you exposing the people handing out the lunch you are exposing the kids as well. Is it possible to put the 10 lunches on the meals on wheels? You have the crossing guards out exposing them for what if 10 out of 400 kids show up. Just another observation from my post how are these kids entitled to free lunch when they have a 30-40,000.00 car? Curious? Lot of System Slugging going on who is checking the income?
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    Harrison HS

    Why don't you grow up 4th and Hamilton and stop complaining about everything and everyone because you don't do your job to well either and your family that doesn't live in town but uses our day care shouldn't be on the corner with you, nor should you be crossing people with your grand baby in tow. You are so fake you cut people's throat on a daily then smile and wave hi yeah we see you and karma has a funny way of coming around.
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    Chief Strumolo

    Thank the good Lord we have this man as Chief to lead us through this situation.
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